Contribute More than you Work

Some time in early Nineties I had read that Money is the worst Motivator, yet businesses all over have been providing monetary incentives to their employees to get work done.

Personally I have found money to be an important factor to maintain a particular standard of living but not sure if that is the factor that has got the best out of me.

Some of the longest working days I have had in my life are those that has not paid a dime and the interesting part is that all those days ended with a smile; famished and tired but never frowning. It was always a feeling of worthiness, a sense of accomplishment, Something that makes you feel contributing and never working.

Yes that’s it the feeling of contributing over working. While Money is needed to pursue the life you want it can very well change this equation and take you more and more farther from contribution.

When I heard Dan Pink talk about the science of Motivation and how businesses miss the whole point, I thought I need to share this.

You will be inspired and some of you will also be annoyed as you see your castle of  cards that has “Money is the only way” written all over them, fall down.

Money is Important, its not unethical to want it, its not criminal to buy what you like (legally) with it; but I believe there should be a more honorable and fulfilling pursuit where we will be contributing and not working. Contributing for a greater good, a passion, a dream and money coming only as a byproduct.

I leave you to make your judgment as you hear Dan Pink unravels the surprising science of Motivation

Dan Pink was formerly Al Gore’s speech writer and also the author of A Whole New Mind. You can read more about him here Dan Pink. Enjoy the Video

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