Happy Birthday Usha!

DSC_0004There are times when words cannot do justice to what you wish to convey, often it is when you need to write about someone dear to you. What prose can’t do justice to sometimes poetry can.

As a cold winter knocks at the door
When the breeze gently brushes my face
As I button up and walk out in the rain
And a million drops fall on me
I look up and say, ‘Wow’

When I see you every morning
As you smile and come near me
That beautiful scent from your hair
As I lose myself to everything ‘you’
I look at you and say, ‘Wow’

The summer has gone
And with it has gone the sunlight
Longer nights and shorter days
I wonder why my house is always bright
Then I say ‘Wow, dawn lives here’

You dawned on me when I was asleep in life, as nightmares confined me in the deepest abyss, you picked me up and held me tight and told me to “brighten up”.

You have lightened this world even on the darkest of nights.

Happy Birthday Dear!


Categories: Events, Family, Personal, Poetry


4 replies

  1. Thank you dear…that’s a very beautiful gift I have got this birthday – THANKS 🙂 
    with love
    Dawn 😉

  2. The most precious gift one can receive on your day.. Beautiful one Vinod.  Wish you many more happy returns of the day “Dawn”

  3. Thanks Nisha 🙂 Indeed it is precious that life has offered to me 🙂 I am thankful!!!

  4. Wow! Beautiful…soaked with emotion..

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