Converting some stress into an element of joy

One of the troubling tasks in life is to find ways to avoid stress and do something regularly that makes you happy. The catch is that some of these items in life that make you happy have an expiry date. One such item is the time you spend with kids because they grow up so fast and no more remain kids. When they grow you are faced with many new perspectives of growing up that don’t exist when they are small kids.

Waking up a 5 year old on a weekday can be a real challenge and often stressful. But you don’t have a choice and you have to do it. The choice you have is to work around that stress. When I pick my 5 year old I also generously give him around 5 to 10 minutes to sit wrapped up in my hug and a blanket. We take this time to talk about some of his favorite cartoon characters and if any of them paid a visit during his dream last night. We also check what might be the fun stuff at school that day. Here he is mostly the listener and I have to be the talker, until he is excited enough.

Interestingly every day along with the busy schedule of getting myself ready, I look forward for these few minutes, though I am not sure if he looks forward for the same thing. But I know tomorrow he will grow up and not be the kid he is now and time would take this joy away from me.

There are some stresses in life that can well be turned to moments of real joy. 

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