Failures are louder than Successes

I can remember much of my failures than my successes and if I take a tab the side of failures will far outweigh successes. Is that bad? I don’t think so. It is just that your failures are much more louder than your successes.

Your failures will be more remembered and acknowledged by others than your successes, unless your successes are so magnificent that it washes away any traces of your failures. But this does not happen to everyone, people have to analyze, study and life a failure before they can bury it.

The worst thing one can do is try to cover up a failure, because that won’t help. We now live in a world where people would like to engage with someone who has tasted failure, because only they can understand and appreciate the true value of successes, even the smaller ones in life that makes you and your team moving.

Don’t hide your failures in order to prove successful, own it