Facetime, Innovation, Working from office…..

TeamworkWell now that yahoo has asked its remote workers to work from office and add the facetime of interactions… It is interesting to see how the industry (especially people in Yahoo) react….

While I agree this would be an issue with many people who are used to working from home we should also understand how both these models work out for people…. If I take my example…. I have had three types of engagements in my career… Complete remote, No Remote and A flexible model.

The Complete remote was so tough for me and many would say it is because I am not self motivated…. But without commenting on that I would say that I love when I can work with the people in person…. My productivity is much high when I work in office…..

This though does not mean I am all for ‘No Remote’ because in those cases I have found myself many times too restrictive….

And in the Flexible model you kind of get the benefit of both where you are in office daily and you also have the opportunity to work from home if needed and I have found that the instances where I completely work from home is very rare…. Because I have a reason, interest and need to come to the office.. meet people…. discuss on the whiteboard… get an overall employment satisfaction…. Coming to office to work at least for me is a key to my work habit and need…. But I don’t work for Yahoo…

Now let us look at yahoo and if I look from the company’s perspective…. they say this will improve innovation…. I don’t know about innovation but I feel that group thinking works much better when people meet, sit and talk…. Even in a world getting more virtual everyday direct interactions give a boost to one’s ability….. In the case of Yahoo when the company is trying to turn itself around the request for people to work from office is not a totally ridiculous one… But it could have been done a bit differently… at least in my opinion

Yahoo could have made it a Flexible model (instead of a total BAN) with an option for people to work from home on pre-defined days…. Each group could decide their time to be in office as a team (at least groups to be together)…. There will be exceptions… there are always exceptions….. people who in no way can come to office… which have to be addressed accordingly…. You cannot put an abrupt halt to this mode of working as that will jeopardize many other things people do other than work….. May be Yahoo had a Flexible model which turned out to be an ‘All Remote’ one… who knows…

Not just this…. when companies world over are trying to find more ways to get more done remotely….and harness the power of technology and the Digital wave… this is a significant shift.. some would even say taking steps backwards…. But doesn’t facetime bring back the community sense that we are kind of losing in the virtual world…. That sense of togetherness… I think yes…. But it is a major step for Yahoo and we will have to see how this shapes out….

I think there is validity in both sides of the table and like everything we can always talk when we are not the affected party….. And for many this decision has come out as being inconsiderate….. But for a company that was built by people who made their workplace their home…. well we have to look at both sides

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