Failures always teach

I have written about success before… More about failures than about success I guess.. even a poetry about success being misspelled… but what made me write this is yesterday is when I heard something from a successful actor’s interview….

He said that Success does not teach you anything but failures do…. now if we try to extrapolate that a bit… Success not only teaches you anything, the dangerous part is it can also slightly shift you from reality…. get hold of your ability to learn and tweak it so you learn the wrong things…

Even if we talk to people who are very successful… people who you would think had never tasted failure…. they would always have hidden failures that would have helped them do reality checks…. Success also burdens people in some fields… and I think the film industry would be the best bet where the expectation of the masses makes it very tough to make things move as you want….

No I am not against success… it is just that failures never lie to you… they tell you flat on your face things that you don’t always want to hear…. As parents many of us want our kids to succeed when they grow… but how many of us give them the opportunity to fail and learn…. we are paranoid…. but then how do you learn to walk through life if you fail to fall even once….

I too looked back on my life…. and found that what I learned was mostly from my failures… and wow what a big teacher it was…. and interestingly my successes diminished in the sheer presence and importance of failures in my life….

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