Two Movies and One Actor

Tomer SisleySometimes  you see a movie, you discover a new actor that you desperately want to see more of… When I saw Tomer sisley in the French movie Largo Winch (Released 2008 in Belgium and 2011 in US) …. I browsed Netflix to see if there were more of Tomer.. and I saw Sleepless Nights (Nuit Blanche) another French movie released in 2011.. Apparently that was already on my list…

Tomer Sisley is the kind of guy next door actor… it is like seeing a calm and composed guy walk through a thriller of a movie…. may be the choice of his movies…. but both thrillers he was a treat to watch…. Tomer is also a French humorist but he does not do a lot of movies…. If you are a Benicio Del Toro fan you will know what it means when good actors come out with Largo Winchless movies…. Now I am not comparing Tomer with Benicio…. because Benicio is in a category of his own…. But I see Tomer Sisley having a great opportunity in a variety of movies…

I won’t go much into the movies just few lines on each so you are enticed to watch…

Largo Finch
The plot revolves around a young man Largo Winch who is adopted from a Bosnian orphanage by a Billionaire… The movie starts him leading a free man’s life in burma away from his wealthy fortunes when he gets the news that his father is killed and he inherits the corporation.. rest is his comeback…..

Sleepless NightsSleepless Night (Nuit Blanche)
When the plot is about a guy whose son is held hostage by the mafia so they can settle the score with him and he happens to be a cop… the movie can take you in various directions….and if all he has is one sleepless night.. what you have is 90 minutes of power packed thrill….

I would like you to see these movies…. if you live thrillers…. these are for you…. And I am sure you will love the actor in Tomer Sisley…

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