A Malayali’s take on Kumar Vishwas’s Malayali Nurse remarks

KUMAR-VISHWASI like hearing Kumar Vishwas on the stage… I also met him in person last year… he is funny and it is amazing how he connects with his audience…. We should understand that there is always a certain stage license we as audience give to performers who use humor in their performance…. it is sad that our people do not understand humor….

Dr. Vishwas is known for his humor where he also brings religion, regions, caste, profession and many other themes onto the stage and presents it in exchange for the claps from the audience… that is what performers do… not just Dr. Vishwas but many performers do that…. And in his case I have seen him impartial in his humor and have never thought his humor had any hidden agenda against any section of people

But our countrymen get offended at the drop of every needle…. And now what is on the internet is something Dr. Vishwas said probably a few years ago… something on malayali nurses….

I am a Keralite myself and I know the fun malayalees themselves make about nurses and many other professions where malayalees have a prominence… so now there is nothing new here that the malayali has to get offended about unless you are a AAP hater.. in which case you will do anything to fight them….

A basic common sense tells us that this was said long ago as part of a stage show… how many movies and other stage shows have you seen that has portrayed nurses, doctors, engineers all in dark humor…. how many malayalam comedy shows have we witnessed where the comedian has used the nursing profession to grant some laughs and gain a few claps…. How many times have we seen other professions also humorously stripped on the stage…

Are these the same malayalees who graciously like every malayalam comedy show link posted on Facebook irrespective of whether it makes fun of nurses or any professions…… but now their biggest problem is something Kumar Vishwas said several years back on a stage show… A small malayalam sentence for those malayalam folks who have a problem with Kumar’s old statement “ninakkokke enthinte kedaa…. AppOzhonnum thonnaththa chorichilentha ippOl..?”…. I am not translating this as it is only meant for malayalees who have an issue….

We Malayalees should know better… even  the traditional malayalam story telling art of Chakyaar koothu uses crude humor and teasing people from audience as part of the story telling…. we are not new to this kind of humor…. and we are not new to politics….. So chill…

I agree humor in politics is not the same as humor on the stage…. there is a big difference…. when you are on a political stage you represent yourself and the people for whom you are standing there…. on your poetry stage you represent your act or characterization of your poetry… Let us object what comes from his political rallies not from his past stage performances… And since he has been such a popular performer all around India, the opposition will come with new things because they have nothing else to do…..

But we all have choices…. because of this one can decide not to vote for AAP… but it has nothing to do with who Dr. Kumar Vishwas is…. you can ask for apologies… and he might give it as well… because I don’t think he meant anything bad when he said that…

What as malayalees we should be aware and proud of is the way malayali nurses have served and contributed to the medical profession world wide… I am sure at least once in his life even Dr. Vishwas has experienced the healing and caring nature of a Malayali Nurse…

So chill don’t be the pawn in a political battle….. see what is around you… be proud for who we are…. for the lives that have been touched… Malayalee Nurses are much above the remarks of any stage performance shows…. unless you are a congress or a BJP trying to muddy the water….. or a Rahul lover for that matter…

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  1. Nice gesture Mr Narayan . YOu Simplified the statements from Mr Viswas speech. Yes it was a joke and he was connecting to audience. But doesn’t that joke imply our Malayalee sisters are dark and skinny . And they intentionally keep out their photos. If you have ever been one among them .It hurts. When you are an AAP it hurts more .

    • Hi Sajith…
      Thanks for dropping in… Well I was not really over simplifying… but was putting a perspective to the issue…. For what he said 6 yrs back Dr. Vishwas has already apologized….. but bottom line is it was a way low game to instigate people… how many times have malayalis made fun of people from other state… our comedy and mimicry shows have lavishly made fun of people…. It is performance not personal is what I wanted to convey….

  2. well, standup comedians are not racists, most comedians that plays with race does that by poking fun at culture and cultural stereotypes. Russel Peters is a good example.

    To call a race ‘black and ugly’ doesn’t come under the scope of comedy and is defacto racism.

    This is my personal opinion on this video and it has nothing to do with politics of AAP.

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