Gulab Gang is a 2 ½ hour excruciating ordeal with Juhi giving a small relief with her performance

Gulab Gang1Gulab Gang is not only painful to watch but also makes you feel that the makers of the movie belittled the effort of all the women’s activists by making such a substandard movie…. It is a masala that had too much of unwanted songs, dialogues and scenes and was extremely agonizing to consume…..

It has nothing to do with the real life of the Sampat Pal… except the producers used the name probably for some cheap publicity which was nothing less than nauseating

The worst part is that when the movie ends they show sketches of a few brave women who have fought against all odds and have come up in life… after such a hopeless movie one would feel this last minute antics was an appeal to the audience to pardon the makers for making this crap….

The only relief in the movie was Juhi Chawla’s role which was very different from what she has ever done and she did it very well….. As for Madhuri she was lost in the masala running all over the screen in a pink saree and holding a Machete ….

Gulab Gang3And the dialogues sounded nice in the trailers.. But in the movie it sounded more like a competition of verbal diarrhea between the lead characters… The makers should not have made such a movie and make it look more like a mockery of activism and women rights…. Sad but that is what one feels watching the movie….

Now if you ask me if there has been worse movies….. yes… this is not the worst movie…. But when you take a theme and strangle it for 2 ½ hours and let go you will know how difficult it is as you gasp for breath…. Please don’t waste your money in the theaters….

They could have made a very good movie with the theme and they chose not to which is bad and sad…


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