Narendra Modi is Married – But does it really Matter…?

Your character is not defined just by what you stand for; it is also defined by what you oppose.. sometimes even more on what you oppose…

By complaining on Modi’s Marriage the congress and Rahul baba have just proved how much low they will stoop….. I don’t think people who really oppose Modi ideologically really should care about his marriage.. Yes, may be some of the supporters might get confused and that is probably what the intention of congress has been… so the hue and cry that congress is making is not intended for those who already oppose Modi…. so they should stop wasting their time on this….

Yet why do some think this is a big issue…. It is the “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion” syndrome that prevails….. and the problem is it is used for not always the right reasons…. Modi did not tell about his marriage…. is that the only thing you have against him now..? … No I am not for Modi being the supremo of India…. I think that is a not a wise choice… Even Modi’s rise to this prominence in my opinion is owed to two main reasons both having an issue….

One is that the BJP and BJP biased Media has projected Gujarat with a message that India will be like Gujarat in development under Modi… but one cannot look at Gujarat without seeing the 2002 violence… so it is a development that should also be answerable to those graves from 2002…

Secondly India’s premier Manmohan Singh (or Mum.mohan) had made so much an impression on the common man about top level powerlessness, infirmity and nepotistic servitude… that people wanted to see someone who can stand up with authority and many saw that in Modi…. when some see authority many also see autocracy….

Yes I have my differences and would not want Modi to be the PM…. but his marriage, bachelorhood or personal relationship with his wife is not one of them and will never be one….

Even if BJP was riding on the “Modi is a bachelor and hence best suited to lead the country” Slogan….. I would take it as a marketing pitch which obviously is now broken… it is nothing more worthy than a marketing pitch…

Now on the BJP side some say Modi never denied being married… but then how do they explain the statement he made “I am single, who will I be corrupt for?”… for benefit of doubt let us say he forgot that he was married, it was 50 years ago… even then that whole statement is a big fake argument. Because marriage is not what makes a person corrupt or unfit…. unless people want to believe so…

If you think bachelorhood is a sign of correctness then let us say that only people who are not married get into posts that can be corrupted.. How stupid… and I pity those who have felt that was a valid attribute to elect the next PM…

So if one thinks that BJP twisted a fact or concealed it…. so be it…. get over it…. grow up on this marriage issue… But congress and its dimwit boss cannot think straight… and what they are doing now is dropping their pants and streaking on the National highway…

Rahul baba… It is not what you stand for but what you oppose that many times determine who you are… It is truly sad to see this turn of events and the gene of Jawaharlal Nehru stoop to this level…

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