The Hype of Modi at Modison Square

20140928_095922As I was watching Modi’s speech on YouTube, I was also trying to follow the conversation on the side between Modi supporters and Modi opponents. Hopefully my 7 year old did not read them as it was R rated on both sides…. (I had told him this was the Indian Obama so he gets an idea)

What is clear is that people stoop to such a low level on both sides in such venomous language and words of hatred and accusations….. Nothing will change till the common man understands the concept of freedom, democracy and freedom of speech.

To the supporters, I wish to say that any leader, Modi or anyone can say anything and it will not matter if people turn out to be like the hooligans who manhandle Rajdeep sardesai….. You need to understand the concept of freedom of speech… and If you do not remove religion and God away from politics and society there is no hope… and the Ganga video shows we are far far away from that…..

To the opponents of Modi I wish to say that he is not just a BJP guy, he is the Indian Prime Minister and that is important in a democracy, that is called respecting the electoral process… the honor of accepting defeats; and then using the democratic process to work your discontent….. Modi is the PM for every Indians and that is how it is… hard luck for the opponents…..

But what baffles me is why do people say Proud to be an Indian…. Were they not proud before… Did Modi give them a reason to be proud?…. what was it that you were not proud of India before Modi…? Answer me…. For me “I was, am and is” proud of India and Modi does not define that…..

We need to accept that Modi is a great orator, yes and he had some catchy stuff….. he can stand tall as the head of a state and has the presence for it…. There is nothing wrong when people feel good seeing Modi talk (whether you agree or not) after you had a silent PM for so long…. That is nature but does not automatically define as the best future…….

It is important we need to be realistic beyond the hype and cheer leading … What are we talking as achievement; a single party majority in election after 30 years; that there was 20000 people for his speech; that he visited US as a PM after being denied Visa before or the fact that he has taken it on him to work on restoring the sacredness of the Ganga River…. Sacredness…. is that why you clean a river, because it is sacred? give me a break…

Cleaning of any river is needed but you should clean not because of sacredness, but because it is a river and when you clean you should also clean up the corruption and cheating on its banks…. The amount of money that is duped from devotees on false pretext and a whole economy built on blind faith and deception….. How did Ganga get maili (dirty) after all 🙂

And you must agree with me that this same sacredness is what makes people take bath in milk and drink cow urine….. I am not sure you call it waste or taste… there is a very hidden agenda to tell people that not everything is progress……. restoration of belief systems is not progress, it is just plain bad reasoning….

On building the nation to be strong economically and infrastructure and so on I agree that every Indian should think about giving a chance, yes and so both the opponents and supporters of Modi have to look inside and check on what they support or oppose….

This whole Modi hype makes one thing clear…. people want to believe that the reason for all the problem is not them, but something else…. they truly believe it was the “Lack of Modi”….. how nice, how optimistic, how unreal… how self-pacifying….. now they can all just sit back, watch TV, share and like and then the world will just change magically on the screen in front of them…..

How many people who have stopped every element of corruption from their life……..? There was another Gujarati who came a few decades ago who told the world that “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”… hope no one forgets him in this hype…….

How innocent people are; they did not know that corruption was bad in the pre-Modi era, or they knew and was waiting for that knight in shiny Armor to come and save…. we all love fairy tales… but the question is how many are realistic and know that if we don’t change, no one can help……

What is needed is that people wake up and act for the greater good, than lie back and dream and expect a magician to work it all out by the time they wake up, and mind you they want to wake up in their bed made of gold and diamonds and cozy bed sheets and the 10 acre land and still have all the many flats and what not…..

Clean up Modi but not in my back yard….? wake up and find the things in your life that are corrupted and change them…. rest will take its course…..

It is not about Modi….. it should never be about Modi….. it is about you, what you think and what you do…… and a country you either live in or not….. it might even be beyond a country… if you know what I mean…..

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  1. Well if you feel rajdeep sardesai is the victim then you should probably watch this video

    I’m not a modi supporter but we must give him a chance. The highest court of the land cleared him of all charges and he must not be heckled with this.

  2. “Nothing will change till the common man understands the concept of freedom, democracy and freedom of speech.” You said it Vinod Narayan!

  3. So you call ppl who attacked Rajdeep Sardesai as hooligans…request you to get ur facts right…to see who really was displaying hooliganism…who instigated unnecessarily and initiated the fight… i think as a journalist we must carry with us a sense of responsibilty and dignity wherever we go, rather than using expletives, acting arrogant, and pushing and shoving people..
    BTW, Modi is doing a fantastic job while generating an extremely positive image of our country and Brand India! A bold and extremely positive man of intelligence, common sense, with a development-centric attitude is surely a fresh whiff of air for all of us Indians!!

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