An Open Letter to a Neutral who loves Modi/BJP/RSS

justice-683942_1920So here is this Facebook contact of mine who claims to be a Neutral but has his page filled with Modi/BJP/temple/RSS pictures and posts and he will come every now and then and comment and post supporting this whole Hindu nationalist bandwagon…. We debate, but honestly I get pissed off by the person’s neutral Indian veil…..

So he came in recently and posted a link to the Somnath issue on a post I wrote about Modi’s ‘despitebeingawoman’ statement…. I have no idea why he did that and what he was trying to prove… but since he is a neutral I am making some assumptions

Dear Mr. Neutral,
If you are wondering that since I supported AAP in the elections I would also support husbands who unleash dogs at their pregnant wives, just because the husband is an AAP then you are mistaken.

Maybe you added that link as another low level stoop to prove some wierd point that i don’t understand…..  because I know that after I opposed the “India’s Daughter” ban and you supported it (as a neutral who loves Modi/BJP/RSS) you had tagged me on a very bad (violent/rights violation) news asking what I thought about it… which I mentioned that day as being quite distasteful on your part… but today I won’t tag you as I respect your right to anonymity if you wish.

So the news you posted was about Lipika. I prefer Lipika over Mrs. Bharti, because I think a woman should be addressed with the dignity of her name and not be tagged with her husband’s name or husband’s last name, even if the husband is loving and not abusive.

Lipika’s complain that her husband Somnath unleashed dogs at her when she was pregnant and other details in the 26 page complaint are very serious allegation and I hope if it is true, Somnath gets punished and Lipika gets justice… It is told that their marriage had some issues and we will know about it more in coming days…. But I guess we are of the same opinion, if guilty somnath should pay for it… it is not cool what is in the complaint.

Now I am wondering if you posted this to convey that concealing the existence of one’s wife and leaving her after marriage and walking off is better off than this (if somnath is proved guilty)…. then I would say yes.. we have an agreement there as well…. leave your wife if you think you will abuse her if you live together… Modi probably did good leaving his wife if he would have been abusive living with her…. was that your point Mr. neutral who loves Modi/BJP/RSS?

Again I can tell you one more thing, if Somnath is guilty that will not be because he is an AAP MLA, it would be because of him as an individual. But one can easily get a list of things people are guilty of doing just because they identify themselves as BJP/RSS/Modi Bhakt or a Hindu nationalist… you can count the bullets that pierced into the Father of nation’s chest to start with and strike of Hindu Nationalism from the list above, you can find examples for others as well…. good luck…

You can also find so many people who unleashed atrocities on minorities and hapless innocents just because they believed that India is for Hindus…. You can find many with this twisted hindu nationalistic agenda which they wish to enforce on people, through brute, bloodshed, Ban and rules

I hope as a neutral you will understand that side of your BJP/Modi/RSS love or may be you should stop calling yourself a Neutral Indian anymore and have the balls to call yourself a BJP/RSS/ModiBhakt

A concerned (not neutral) Humanist

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