How to Chat with a Modi Bhakt (An Idiot’s Guide to conversation)

ModiSo I have this guy on Facebook who claims to be total neutral but always defends Modi on everything like he is getting paid to push a hindutva agenda by impersonating as a neutral.  So for interest sake I will call him the ‘Neutral Modi Bhakt. I had unfriended him a while back but he is so religious that he follows me and comments especially when he hears something that is against his god ‘Modi’

So when I posted against CBI calling Teesta Setalvad a national threat he came out with a question…. What are the charges… Not that he is not clear… as usual just needs to play the neutral and support modi as if he is a genuine neutral… So I decided to take on a chat that I feel better suits him…

Neutral Modi Bhakt: There are 2 CBI. One is for investigation and other is for idiots. “Do CBI ee Narayanannu Tiruvananthapurathu mathram alla Delhi lum indu pidi”,(oru CBI Diary kurippu, Narayanan, 198x). Vinod heard AAP increased petrol price in Delhi by 2 rs. When rest of India it went down by 2 rs? (Joking)

(Vinod: For non malayalees, the reference here is about a movie in malayalam)

Vinod Narayan: Thanks Idiot for the enlightenment 🙂 (joking)

Neutral Modi Bhakt: No problem, jokes aside. …. what is the actual charge by CBI on Testa? Can you elaborate?

Vinod Narayan: I don’t know…. You also don’t know…? Then let us ask Modi… what do you say… ?

Neutral Modi Bhakt: You can ask and do not need my permission. But i thought you already had information. So you were ignorant when you penned down this long blog. I thought you already were informed about the case.

Vinod Narayan: Are you enlightened and happy now? 🙂 Thank Modi and not Me… 🙂

Neutral Modi Bhakt: No I am not. Me being an idiot I was looking for enlightenment from you. Please enlighten me. What is CBI case against Testa? Why do you think that case is wrong and what you said in your post is the truth?

Vinod Narayan: So sad… I never knew you seek enlightenment from me…. np…. anyway since you agree you are an Idiot, I guess it is better being that way… because for some enlightenment you need to see beyond the idiocy that blinds you and so… stay where you are and be happy 🙂

Neutral Modi Bhakt: Don’t be rude to fellow human being. Let him be uplifted as well. My idiotic senses gives me a feeling that you don’t have answer to my questions and now you are in panic to cover up your bluff. Don’t worry you are not caught pants down or are you?

Vinod Narayan: Ha Ha… Mr. Neutral Modi Bhakt… getting pissed off…? 🙂 I unfriended you on Facebook after your serious efforts to pose as a Modi Bhakt in a Neutral Shroud… It is just that I dislike things I feel are phony… 🙂 Sorry that I am not able to serve you exactly what you want… because I now have these prescribed meals when you visit here.. if that does not satisfy your hunger I suggest you start cooking at your house and posting them on your wall…. 🙂 I am not being rude… just trying to keep a small distance from people who I feel are better off at a distance…. You can reply back and you will get more creative answers from me…. always….. you can call it panic, cover up or bluff….. Thank You…

Neutral Modi Bhakt: I don’t get pissed off. I am an idiot, a Modi bhakth. But un friend ing me just shows that you are pissed off and can’t stand people who are against your ideology. Your responses to my post shows how childish and immature you are. I have to be the kid who yelled the king has no clothes. What did I ask you? Tell me what is the case that CBI has charged against Testa. Oops!!!!!!! you had no answer and was caught pants down. Phoney is not the right word, it’s people who question your agenda. People who expose you in public are the people you fear. Hence due to that fear you stay away and put your own word phoney. Look inward and find who you are.
BTW I have sent you a request again.

Vinod Narayan: Cmmon’ Neutral Modi Bhakt, haven’t you learned to not catch things when someone pulls their pants down? Anyway…. Don’t keep holding on to it as it is not a good habit… 🙂 And I like being childish and immature with people who prefer that way… If you remember I used to debate with you one time and then figured you conveniently leave conversations in middle when you find you cannot go forward and become immature with some sarcastic statement… that is why I stopped…. There should be a fun in debates and I prefer not talking people who also spit when they talk… 🙂 And for friends I have a meaning for that word that fits people who both agree and disagree with me…. unfortunately you do not fit in there.. and sorry for being so candid…. Not accepting the request… 🙂 not being rude… just being myself…. but do keep asking questions which you think you are good at and I will give you answers at a level that I think fits you…. Sorry and Thank You….

Neutral Modi Bhakt: Nice to know. Can you tell me why I don’t fit? Is it because I ask you uncomfortable questions and always catch you pants down. Look at this discussion what did I ask you? What is CBI’s charge against Testa? You wrote so much things against CBI but you don’t know what is she being accused of.

Vinod Narayan: Yes ‘Neutral Modi Bhakt’…. when you catch here and there when my pants are down and you do it like a blind guy… then yes it is uncomfortable.. 🙂 Because even if I tell, you won’t understand you will still keep fondling because you are blind and deaf and (dumb)… then why should I waste my time…. just have some fun doing a debate at the level you are engaged in…. Not being rude just trying to be on level with you….. Thank You….

Vinod Narayan: “Neutral Modi Bhakt”.. and it is Teesta and not Testa…. FYI either you did not know or you are so angry that you cannot type properly 🙂

Neutral Modi Bhakt: Its my mobile auto correct.

Neutral Modi Bhakt: To be level with me? You mean trying to be a idiot.

Vinod Narayan: yes ‘Neutral Modi Bhakt’… what choice do I have….? you have to concede to fate sometimes….. you cannot choose who comes to you right? you like that..? Can I now pull up my pants… are you done with your stuff….? 🙂

Neutral Modi Bhakt: Please answer my quesiton: What is CBI’s charge against Teesta?

Vinod Narayan: Not now again ‘ Neutral Modi Bhakt’.. later.. I am tired…

Neutral Modi Bhakt: Don’t be a coward, answer my question What is CBI’s charge against Teesta?

Vinod Narayan: Cow(ard)…? I like cow meat.. beef dry fry… you want some…? 🙂

Neutral Modi Bhakt: Can you ship it here – I was planning to have it for lunch? In the meanwhile Can you answer my question What is CBI’s charge against Teesta?

Vinod Narayan: wow… You really are an idiot…. How can you ship it and you have it for Lunch? it takes time na… and it is not good packed and frozen…. you should have it fresh…. See I told you… the problem is even if I answer you, you cannot understand.. why don’t accept that inability in you my dear…

Vinod Narayan: I need to pee ‘Neutral Modi Bhakt’…. and I have to buy beef for my BBQ.. I will tell you answer when I figure that you have become mature enough to understand.. so enjoy your Lunch without Beef Fry and the answer….. and grow up… take care…. And say hi to Modi ji… for me….

Neutral Modi Bhakt: In that case Forget Beef dry fry…… Can you answer my question What is CBI’s charge against Teesta atleast? 🙂 Don’t run away please

Vinod Narayan: Definitely ‘Neutral Modi Bhakt’… when you grow up both in your head and heart..

Neutral Modi Bhakt: That won’t happen…. so don’t run away.

Vinod Narayan: Thanks for clarifying that… see how mute this whole conversation was? 🙂

Some Notes:
The Conversation is going on as of now and he just repeats on his question… and I am getting tired… We should appreciate the moronic aptitude and persistence of these bhakts… The problem is the question is never genuine from a Bhakt because they will never understand the answer because they think 2002 Gujarat Riot is something that should be forgotten and the world is making a big issue of it.

They will never understand what we say because they cannot understand the pain of the people who lost their lives.. They cannot understand what goes through the mother whose 3 year old kid was taken from her and thrown in mid air and her family members burned alive and they were raped repeatedly by fanatics who shouted slogans, they will not understand what it means to be a minority.

They just have an agenda that if anyone speaks against Modi, they should jump in and question them. That is the same thing in play in the charging of Teesta Setalvad… The hindutva goons want to silence every opposition that happens and that is tyranny… The best is not to debate with them, but you cannot avoid some people so just make them feel as idiotic as you can so they get an orgasm out of asking the questions… But this person is so much on the lighter side and not venomous any time… just that he is pissed off when he hears anything against Modi….

So sad… The state of these Bhakts…. But I have another facebook friend of mine who is apparently a bucket of venom…. who knows me very well who has even started an anonymous blog just to reblog my posts with his injected venom.. A blog just dedicated to intimidate me… I know he is a facebook friend of mine because of the way he writes… He is obsessed with me in a way I guess… But since he is a friend and known contact he does not have the balls to oppose in public….. And what does he think  my problem is…? Oh I do not share his hate for muslims… he does not like that fact that I do not blame every muslim in the world for the terrorism that happens… And to him, I have to say… go reblog this too…

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  1. Haha you nailed it man .

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