When People think You might get into trouble for speaking your mind

freedom-of-speech-156029_1280It is time to really ponder deep when you find that people think you might get into trouble for speaking your mind. The other day someone asked me “Do they have a warrant in your name in India?” They asked that as a joke may be hinting the fact that I have written against Modi the PM of India and RSS (his mother organization) and the Hindutva motives. I felt that statement very interesting…

Because when we had a Congress PM or a Janatha Dal PM or even a BJP PM (before Modi) I don’t think people would ask that question 🙂 Of course barring the Emergency period under Indira Gandhi… Don’t you think that is kind of amusing, or more rightly concerning.

Now before you say this is because of the sickular propaganda… Let me tell you NO, it is the thought of someone who probably even supports Modi (support not a bhakt)… And that is quite an achievement for a party…

If a sitting PM and his party in a democratic country has the image of having a potential emergency model set up in the country, that can give a message that freedom of speech and criticism could be too costly, then there is something to really worry about…

quiet-29763_1280I don’t want to come to any conclusion, but it is either a problem with the PM or the earthworms of yesterday who have started identifying themselves as snakes after Modi came to power… Coupled with the extremely abusive and threatening tone his supporters share in Social Media and the many incidents where unheard mushrooming Rightwing groups have come out and decided to take law in their hand…

As far as I know there is none… But yes I did write an article about that charlatan in Jail ‘Besharam Bapu’ and there were some people who said they will take me to court…. I told them that they use their contacts to get Besharam and his son on bail and then try it on me.. You get now who the earthworms are. 🙂

The latest news is that this Godman crook (Asaram Bapu) who is in Jail for sexually assaulting a 15 year old is given 40 minute Body massages every day. Wow, that is some royal treatment.  Mind you his Son is also in jail and both of them together has so many followers who think this demented rogue is really a Godman.

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