Why I Unwelcome Modi to Silicon Valley

11223765_1701410190087022_2974951313442616527_oWhen I got this invite it made me think. Why would I want to unwelcome an Indian PM? And the answer was in something I cannot get off my mind… That he was the CM of Gujarat when many were massacred in cold blood in 2002. That as the CM of the state he did not do enough, fast enough to stop the damage and death toll. The words that ring in my mind is his address to the people where he said “we will give them a lesson that they will never forget” and he left that ‘them’ very generic. We also know that his own minister Maya Kodnani’s involvement in instigating and overseeing the riot. She was arrested and sentenced but gets bail whenever needed….

I also do not welcome him because even if he is a PM of the Nation he is a follower of the militant nationalistic organization RSS (Rashtriya swayamsevak sangh) and after his rise to power in india we have seen so many cases of moral policing by RSS and other unknown fundamentalist organizations that act as they are the authority for bringing in law. If Modi could not stop the massacre in Gujarat while being the CM, I am sure he will be incompetent if something like that happen again.

Coupled with this I am also not welcoming him because I have heard over and over by the so called Modi Bhakts tell me “See Gujarat happened and so now we do not have riots” and I am baffled by how these people justify such an action. I don’t really care if Modi was involved and what i care is he being in power gives an unrestricted free hand to fundamentalist Nationalist forces that will tear up the secular fabric of the nation.

For those who do not know what RSS is, RSS is the organization a member of which (they say former member, but the fact is their ideology was same) killed the father of nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi…. It was also banned twice in the history of Independent India..

I am not unwelcoming the Prime minister of India… But I unwelcome Narendra Modi the individual and the former CM of Gujarat where the 2002 Gujarat Pogrom happened. Also I want to tell people I know that unwelcoming Narendra Modi is not being unpatriotic though that is what his marketing media wishes to portray.

I know that when I post this I will get booed by many of my friends here, some of them all excited to welcome him… But to them I wish to say; just like your right to welcome him forgetting the communal angle of him and his organization I have a right to unwelcome him as a secular person. What needs to be said should be said… It is called freedom of speech…

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  1. Get over it Vinod! He’s the Prime Minister now, has been given a clean chit by the highest court of law in the country and is representing all Indians in Silicon Valley. Your posts are getting coloured by your hatred for him, and makes you look at all his work through that prism, which will blind your eyes, to a lot of good work that is done.

  2. you got over with sikh massacre or godhara train burning or mumbai terrorist attacks or killing and throwing out of hindus from kashmere. and being a PIO you live and enjoy the fine life of being an american; same america whose hands are deep red with massacre of million of people around the world.

    Oh by the who the f* are you? and why the f* i should care weather you forgot or not.

    • Hi Shantanu, Nothing has been forgotten, who said peopel forgot.. every life lost is a lose.. the problem is when someone says about Gujarat Pogrom, why do people become so defensive? The fight I guess should be more on irrational intolerant bhakts of Modi rather than him… Thanks for commenting as it makes clear what I say above… The intolerance and irrationality and hindu fanaticism among bhakts that is on the rise in India… And understand that we all have a right to voice our opinion and Modi is not on any pedestal that is beyond question… And from your comment You speak just like people defending Modi’s degree… saying ‘even other people have also done it so don’t blame Modi…..’
      No one in this world should be excused because others have done similar crimes before them… Look how flawed that argument is?…. Let’s bring everyone in trial.. yes 1984, mumbai, train burning.. everything… show me people who will tell you only punish people of Gujarat pogrom and not others… The real culprits of Mumbai attack still walk free Dawood and the memon.. the one who surrendered has already been hanged… Godhara train burning people should be punished.. but punishing and instigating retaliation are two things.. you do not do the barbaric eye for eye resolutions….. And FYI I guess Maya and Bajrangi are both walking free with bail when ever they want…. Do you ahve any idea how easy it is to instigate a violent mob to be more violent because then the animal that is created is not controllable.. it is a mass psychology that many people try to use… it happened in 1984 it happened in 2002… there is a clear case of instigation… something that could have been prevented… DON”T EVR TRY DEFENDING IT IF YOU ARE HUMAN..
      Modi is not beyond question and you bhakts can shout as much as you want…. When we question Modi and the Gujarat pogrom we also fight against other kind of violence… the difference is we do not say ‘chaltha hein’ (it happens) or it is ok because before Modi and 2002 also there has been riots… that is the policy of the Bhakts and people will open their eyes to it someday.. Every life has equal value Mr. Shantanu, and one should not look at it based on race or religion… Work on bringing criminals to justice and making people accountable rather than defending and opposing people who fight for justice… Oh! I forgot the name teesta… Do you know her…?

  3. Dear Vinod ji, I understand your pain but sorry to say you are not welcoming modi in AMERICA…. I keep your story… if modi did all cruelty in Gujrat… you not welcoming that individual with your great values… Now I just wanted to understand if you can’t welcome one individual who is involved in Gujrat mass murder according to you then how can a person like you working in AMERICA??? America is the only country dropped nuclear bomb twice in japan… America is the country killing so many innocents in Muslim countries… how can a person with such a great value made himself understand to earn is bread and butter in this country???? Where is your humanity now??? How can your work a country which is involved is mass murder almost every part of the world??? Pls don’t be biased and if this message made you think about leaving US leave sir… you better look for PAAK – ISTHAN(Pavitra Isthan)

    • Lucky… Thanks for commenting… But there is a flaw in your argument, if for me to question or oppose Modi I need to be in a place where no crime has happened then it becomes impractical right? I oppose people based on what I stand as an individual… it is not about what the country I live in has done in the past (I agree or not is a different point all together) it is about individuals… What bothers me is people getting worked up that I do not welcome Modi… why should I?

      Again why should I look at pakistan? Are you saying everyone who questions Modi should go to pakistan? what does that mean..? Wow.. you have some interesting viewpoints….

      Here I am very clearly not welcoming that one individual and also to let people know that I am not part of this euphoria…

      And for records I am against war and violence… take some time read my blog than making judgement on one single post…

      Anyway thanks for commenting, Modi is lucky to have you lucky….

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