The Demented Mind of a Modi Bhakt

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.48.34 PMToday I want to introduce you to the twitter account of a Narendra Modi Bhakt and Imposter who uses this twitter account to spread venom mainly against Muslims and people who oppose Modi… How I know he is a Modi Bhakt? because every time I write against modi he uses that tweet with obscenity… This obscenity in the name of Hindu Fanaticism is in the rise in India and around the world…. You can also read his tweets

You should go through his account and he even uses it to slander me personally :)… This is the kind of people Modi can do nothing about and are the demons he has created and we should all watch out. Modi will remain incompetent in fighting these masked menaces always as they tear up the secular fabric of a great nation…

This joker apparently is a Facebook friend of mine which makes all the Modi Bhakts in my friend list suspects… How I know that? because his pinned post is recreated from a picture I posted only on FB 🙂

I warn you the twitter account is full of violence and dirt showing the perfect demented mind of the rising phenomena of Hindu Fanaticism in India and abroad. Today I had to pin up a tweet saying it is not me as he has started going around claiming it is me…. This is what ‪#‎teammodi‬ does to gain brownie points.. You still think all is fine on the Modi side…?

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 5.51.50 PMModi and his Hindutva bandwagon has created a number of these kind of people who wear masks and roam the internet. If you talk secularism they will violently attack you.. what they want is you to stop writing against Modi and the Hindu Agenda and the best way is to call every Modi opposer a Communist 🙂

So Read the mind of a Modi Bhakt in this twitter account… He also has a blog dedicated to me.. 🙂

This is what we all should fight, it is no more about Modi, it is about this kind of Modiism that should be fought

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