What differentiates people ? – Learnings from the US election Campaigns

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 12.23.20 PMWhat Differentiates People…? Yes I know you have answers but let me tell you something that is happening in the US political scene. So this guy called Trump is trying to impress people and get a nomination for a Presidential run in US as a republican and was asked this question by a (gentle)man during a Q&A session in Rochester “We have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one, you know he’s not even an American.”

And Trump who is a billionaire and also thinks people’s looks matter when republicans vote (may be it is true, I don’t know… you remember they bringing Palin into the league, the lady who saw Russia from her backyard in Alaska). So Mr. Trump without an iota of shame says chuckling “We need this question,”

To do a comparison of that on Republican Turf itself you can just for fun google and find what Mccain who lost to Obama said when he was asked a similar question on Obama

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 12.23.59 PMNow Bernie Sanders who is a democrat presidential hopeful who is gaining quite a lot of traction was asked “You have talked in your Campaign about how it’s immoral to protect the billionaire class at the expense of the most Vulnerable in Society; Children…. A majority of christians would agree with you but would also go further and say children in the womb need our protection even more. How do you reconcile the two in your mind?” The interesting thing is the applause on the question was so long… 🙂

I understand and I do understand that this is one area we disagree and I do believe that it is IMPROPER for the United States Government of the state Government to tell every woman in this country the very painful and difficult choice that she has to make in that issue and the crowd just goes Crazy….. and he goes on to further validate his stand the fact that the conservatives who always say ‘get the Govt out of my life’ thinks Govt should have a say in here… He adds that the respects a family’s decision to not do abortion… and he also expects that other people also respect the very painful and difficult choice that women has to make in their life.. The crowd again goes crazy…..

Mind you this is Liberty University known for it traditionally conservative and heavily religious institution. Walking into  place like that and taking tough questions are not only difficult, some would stand on the line and say it is stupid… But when your conviction is strong and when you know how to value human lives and how you take a stand from a humanistic perspective and when you know your morals come from who you are… Then everything is possible and that is what makes Bernie Sanders.

And now for a bit of Fact as of now Trump is ahead of others in the Republican crowd (crowd, because it is one)

On a side note…. for the Desis reading this post ‘Jindal.. baby where are you…? we miss you’

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 12.38.39 PMSo to my first question what differentiates people?

A character that stands for Equal Rights and Humanity and a moral responsibility to stand up to things when people get it wrong and not be the one who increases the fear instead of reducing it. We need leaders not entertainers who just stepped out of a reality show.

People who ask questions can never be blamed because we live in a country that has so much diversity and it is natural if someone has their fears and they speak about it in open. But what you need from any leader is to have that character to address it in a way it should be.

You have so many edits and retakes in reality shows, in business you can even use the bankruptcy law of one company and save your personal assets (and some say that as a brainy thing.. may be its true.. but..) but… but in leadership there are no edits, no retakes.. you are who you are and  telling the right thing is important and telling that with conviction is important… People are different and there are some things we should all agree that that is there are some things that differentiates leaders from others even if we take the position to disagree with them, we have to accept one when we see one. Bernie Sanders has the experience, personality and the Responsibility to Lead the nation.

TRUMP addressing the Muslim Question

Bernie Sanders addressing the Abortion Question from a Conservative Crowd.. This Courage… This is President Material

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