The Unwelcome Modi Protest in Silicon Valley

IMG_7990Today I joined other people in Unwelcoming Modi to Silicon Valley. Why I unwelcome and other details I have written in my blog and so people can read there. But today what I want to do is share with you all these images captured from there. I was both a participator and a keen observer of the event and so this pictures also contain images of people who were there protesting against those who were protesting against modi… or in other words.. Modi supporters… they would say they love India and we do not.. but that is a lie because me and many others who unwelcome modi love India dearly and we were there because we love our country. We do not want our country to be shackled up in the chains of maniacs who think ancient scriptures should be allowed to freely barge into the lives of freedom loving Indians.

There are more people in silicon valley who attended the event than opposing him… a fact is a fact. Also apart from the people in the SAP center there were many people outside who were opposing the modi opposers. But it is also a fact that it is way different from what it was in madison square last time. The opposition to Modi and the Hindu agenda is much larger. The Valley did give Modi the right response that we value human rights and will not forget any violations.

IMG_8082There are people who say there is a big support for Modi and no one will deny the fact that any PM from India would have received the same response. Now MMS would be an aberration but think about other PMs India had.  The NRI crowd who folked inside SAP would go there irrespective of who it is. One reason for that is that a sitting PM is not a usual sight and you cannot see them with teams and passes unless you have political clout. So not all who went there are Modi Bhakts but the curiosity a caged animal in a zoo would garner is the same here. Now don’t come running to me saying I called Modi an animal… Even bhakts call him Sher.. ‘Lion’ so my point is valid

People commented to me ‘What’s the point in protesting in the US, come back here and fight…show your worth here…for your information US is no secular country.. it is a christian country with rights for all… But I don’t think being in US takes away my right to protest… If everyone who has to protest against modi has to catch a plane and come to india that might be tough.. may be that is why he is roaming all around to make it easier for people…

People felt I was over exaggerating when I highlight the RSS link and people say India is certainly for all Indians and India is not ruled by the RSS. But that is not what the RSS guys think or act. For them Modi is a RSS guy first and PM next. Modi derives his concept of nation from RSS and RSS thinks all bad thing india came from outside. If that is so I am not sure what all will be thrown out to clean India.

IMG_8075-001Some felt that I should leave the comfort of US and go and work at ground level. But I do that… I do leave my comfort zones…. If I were just a facebook commentator I would not be there at SAP center outside and would be just writing how important it is to protest. Today I was standing there and a guy asked me ‘why don’t I go to Pakistan” So when you oppose Modi in India you will say go to Pakistan and if you oppose him in US you will say come to India. the simple message being driven by Modi followers is do not oppose him.

One other big item many people highlighted was that there were people there with the placard with a call for Khalistan and independence from India. I have lived in India across during the Khalistan movement and I personally do not subscribe to tearing up the nation. But i also understand the concept of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and if I have a right to Voice my protest against Modi people have a right to ask for Khalistan whether I agree with them or not.

I did hear the words ‘Hindustan Murdabad’ and that made me feel bad. I became slightly mellow and then silent but i knew that does not make me a Modi bhakt and shift gears. I am not in this because of Khalistan and in does not matter if people oppose Modi for things I do not subscribe to. I am in it for justice; for the human rights violation done and I am fighting to stop the Hindu and RSS agendas tearing into the democratic fabric of India.

IMG_8003But then one of my friends showed me the different group on the other side that had the minorities and human rights activists. I moved there and continued my protest. So for the records, I do not support Khalistan, but I think it is the responsibility for the Indian Government to address the question and the the 1984 massacre of Sikhs especially when Modi himself quoted Bhagat Singh and the contribution of the Sikh Community to Indian Independence. The Sikh Community is an integral part of India and should be in india and not outside India. So No I do not support Khalistan and the slogan of ‘Independence from India’ but I think there is a need to listen.

What is evident is many people cannot hear opposition to Modi and their game is to term Modi opposers as unpatriotic is a very dangerous trend. It was such an encouragement to meet people from the same walks of life as me in the silicon valley who are not blind in the glitter and took to the streets to Voice.

So the fact is Modi got a favoroable response that any PM visiting the Valley would have got; but he got an oppostion thet no PM in the history of India would have got other than Indiara Gandhi for her emergency stint



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