When a Mob kills a man for eating Beef in Digital India who is responsible?

CowHAYesterday when I put up the news of the incident where a Hindu Mob murdered a man on the rumor that he ate beef (cow meat) and told about modi people asked why I am dragging modi

This was the news article Hindu mob kills Muslim man after rumours he was eating beef and this was my post along with it; I also wanted to bring things that do not come up in MODI euphorical NRI circles

What is the mindset that makes a bunch of people kill another man for what he eats. Now I know bringing Modi in here is a lame thing to do. But I will just do that to prove something….

These Hindu fanatics who killed a man on the rumor that he ate beef are surely not Aam Aadmi or Congress… the question is are they Anti-Modi? My take is NO and they should be (as per many Bhakts) true patriotic because ‘anti-modi is anti-nation’ Right?.

So for all those Modi supporters out there this is what should change in India…. This slaughter……

India should be a Paradise, no debate, but it should first be a paradise for the people living in India and not just for NRIs who go there for vacationing or retiring cheap….

Now for those who ask why drag Modi into it…. Here is why…

It is true that there is no point dragging Modi into everything… and that is why I said it is lame if you look..but..but..but… there are some issues where you should look further and beyond the hand that held the dagger that killed..

  1. we should understand that as people religious, political or otherwise we all hold different levels of tolerance and intolerance levels on various issues around us.
  2. In that case when you have a party which is bringing up the issue of Beef Ban which is already Banned in many states over and over again by highlighting a belief that the cow is god and mother it only makes people on the side jump in and react.
  3. India is a big nation and when you keep talking about such things you create maniacs who think that their mother was slaughtered and eaten.
  4. Modi represents that sect of people who think it is a crime to kill a cow because cow is mother. If I say I believe in the religion dinkoism and start saying that you are demeaning my god dinkan by showing Ganesha use a mouse as his vehicle will you stop that and if we dinkans come to power and say one should not show a mouse in bad light do you think it is fair.
  5. It was a crime to bring up beef ban when it was not needed. The totally unnecessary extension of Maharashtra cow slaughter ban that already existed to also the sale and export of beef, with a punishment of 5 years jail, and/or a ₹10,000 fine for possession or sale was just to stir the issue into places like Kerala where it is not banned
  6. Modi is the PM and his party rules the nation and is even now asking for a total ban of beef including places where it is not…. I don’t want something like this to happen in Kerala (where Beef is not Ban) for me to get the right to say ‘oh now I think Modi and his party has a hand in spreading the venom against beef eaters because it happened in a non-ban region.
  7. Yes he was not caught naked.. but my point is what I said…. now one cannot even say don’t ban because that will make these people more violent… Modi and BJP has created a real sad state of affairs.
  8. Mind you there were incidents before where people were beaten in other parts for having meat… for showing affection in public and more….
  9. A party ruling a democratic nation should not impose allegiance to ancient rituals and thoughts on unwilling people… not politically… not religiously… not in the name of progress…. Not in the name of cultural reinitiating. it is a crime to the society… yes impose humane laws into meat production I am all in for it.
  10. A few years before Babri Masjid demolition I am sure many people who participated did not even care what the issue was. I say that because there were many idiots from kerala who went with bricks to build temple in Ayodhya because they had heard that something bad is happening and need to be there…. And during that time I have heard people say… it is a real big issue we really did not know about it and now we know and should do something about it…

So yes no point in dragging modi but the environment is being created over time by the same set of goons… and if you do not voice now you might not get a chance tomorrow. Now a news that has surfaced BJP demands release of six murder accused …. Do we all agree that these BJP folks who ask for the release is also guilty?

Instead of worrying to cover up a already naked Modi you should worry about the issues that slowly creeping into our societies

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  1. Eating anything is an independent decision but If some has so much problem in that, they should ban its selling rather than the other way.

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