Why I love Modi more than any Bhakt

welcome-808176_640Because there has been no leader like him in India before. For 60+ years every leader came and ruined India one after the other that is why there is no difference in India since 1947… Sorry we were worse than what we were in 1947.. No progress was made in India till 16 months back except for a small place called Gujarat. The only state that really developed in India… Sadly I am not from there…

Starting with Nehru consistently every congress leader and others who came to power looted the nation with greed and incompetence and no one knew about India just before Modi came. when people when they saw me in US, UK, Europe and many places I wandered they would ask where I am from and I would say ‘India’ and they would roll their eyes with disbelief like they were seeing a wild animal because I did not know anything, I was not polished, I could not speak a sentence properly.

I was the most incapable guy in a room and that was the case with every Indian who was a doctor, scientist, computer engineer, entrepreneur, even the guy who went to space… or any field they were in. We were not that good because we were ruled by the congress dynasty. And ‘India?’ they would ask ‘like the land with snake charmers? and bullock carts?’

And then Modi came… And then Modi came….Friends and overnight India was recognized… I was recognized… he travelled all over the world to tell people who we are… he told them that we knew plastic surgery before the world knew it it. That we flew planes before wright brothers did… that there is no climate change, it is us who are changing… and he also told people that every problem in India was a result of the Nehru dynasty and that he is bringing back Acha Din.. Good days.

On my behalf he bashed all his predecessors.. for me.. friends for me… He is now bringing that old glory of India back by taking us centuries behind again.. He will digitize India in the light of irrationalities that we devor as most sacred like stopping people from eating beef because cow is like a mother and he also supports a band of khakhi clad guys who say women get raped because it is India and not Bharat. he is da man… as he believes that too…

We will now speak in sanskrit to all the world and because that is best for computers as well. We will have coding done in sanskrit based computer language.. Now people know me.. I am recognized… I can proudly say that thanks to Modi it is now that people finally know who we Indians are…. So I love Modi… I love modi…. I love modi more than Modi Bhakts….

I do not know sanskrit if I knew I would have shared some as I know that is now the new cool… sorry I ain’t cool now but will be soon……

Note: I write this because I love my country and when people say my country was nothing 16 months back, when they only say how bad, incapable and ill equipped I was 16 months ago; I have to speak, not for me but so that many architects of my nation will not be belittled in front of the world…

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