The Silence of Modi is Pathetic but that of his supporters is good for the nation

A Saffron Mushroom is Poisonous

A Saffron Mushroom is Poisonous

An Interesting trend in the last few days is that after the Lynching of a man who was rumored to have eaten beef there is a total silence. Silence from Modi and also from many supporters both Bhakts and those who are not BJP but were victims of the Modi/BJP/RSS Marketing machinery

Why? Because the majority of India thinks that killing someone for their diet preferences is not where they expect the country to move. Those who hailed modi for his speech now knows the hidden agenda of BJP and RSS for the hindu(fication) of the nation.

The inconsiderate and criminal comments of many BJP local leaders are now joined by this new statement Ready to kill and get killed for cow, says BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj

This is not the kind of people or party any sane Indian would like to associate, whether they supported Modi or not. Progress has a different definition for the Hindu Rashtra guys. It is simple it is HINDU Rashtra…


The Silence of Modi can be attributed to three things in my opinion, one he agrees to the Lynching, two it is too trivial for his merciful to address or three he is waiting for the right opportunity to turn this into another marketing gimmick. He is a shrewd politician who believes that if he gets through his way all past will be forgotten by the people whom he can blind with glitter and speech.

Now for the Non BJP, Non RSS, Non Bhakt supporters this silence by Modi is very deafening and disheartening. But when I look at their own silence on this matter, it is good for the nation because in their silence they will rethink what Modi and RSS and BJP has been pushing in India and then a word will come out and that will fight the making of a communal India under a Saffron Flag.

It is not what India should be but what India should not be that we need to look into… Modi Government should do the needful for those who do not agree with the Hindu way of living to be safe in India. And the Government should sack all leaders who act communal.

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  1. Modi is only silent on things that actually matter. On other inconsequential things, he can talk for ages. The bjp once taunted Manmohan Singh for his perpetual silence. And now modi seems like he wants to be his nemesis. As for the local mps, they should learn to think before they speak. Modi’s still smarter because he won’t say any stupid thing like that even if he thought so.

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