Thus Spake Narendrabhai

bubble-160786_1280So finally Narendra Bhai (urf Modi) has managed to fight and win his selective speech syndrome and he has spoken on Dadri Lynching and as a Bonus even commented on (condemned) the Shiv Sena stupidity on Ghulam Ali. Thank You Modi ji and as Rushdie says your ‘Modi Toadies’ will now be able to answer back to people. They had defended your silence for too long. Thank You

Understand you said that the ‘Pseudo seculars’ are making a big issue of this. Well may be true, but if it was not for this ‘Pseudo Secular’ you would have gone into this eternal selective silence and then fell into an amnesia of anything called Dadri ever coming up. You spake and that’s good and I am sure the Modi Toadies will Thank the Pseudo Seculars as now they can stand upright with their chest 🙂

Better late than never because your silence on issues like Dadri reminds us all of 2002 and so as we all wish a next time does not happen, do not wait for Pseudo Seculars to guide you in condemning such evil acts in the future. No one wants repetitions…. or be pushed into the concept of ‘eternal recurrences’ of the same thing

On your behalf I Thank the Pseudo Seculars for making you Narendra Bhai Speak. And next time don’t tell things like ‘center has nothing to do’ because this is about Beef and your toadies are the ones unleashing terror in the name of Beef. SP is not clean, but your Toadies are not either.

Long Live Secularism

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