Don’t blame the India Padma Rewards.. oops Awards!!!

awardOn Awards I am 100% with Ma Bro Anupam Kher of 2010. “Awards in our Country have become a mockery of our system. There is no authenticity left in any one of them B it films, National or now Padma” But then he got an enlightenment.. he realized and he led a crusade against those who were returning it.. He protested the protesting… and then now he is humbled to get his Padma Bhushan…. I am with you Bro Kher!!!

This whole award discussion whether someone should get it or not, for me is equally silly… I think these awards have been used multiple times before also to appease people even if they genuinely deserve it and that is what makes it such a joke like the issue Kher has now….

I think Anupam Kher is a Fine Actor, one of the best in the industry… I think Priyanka has been able to give an Indian face to international TV. Rajnikanth is a phenomenon in itself. But awards whichever Padma it is boils down to the fact that even Saif Ali Khan has one and he has been arrested for poaching blackbucks and also hitting and fracturing the nose of someone who is less celebrity…. There are way more people than Saif who deserves it… But lets leave it there for now… He also has a National film award for acting… ha ha aha,,,

I also know that there are many people who would oppose Bharat Ratna for folks like Vajpai, Tendulkar and Rajeev Gandhi and Indira Gandhi… I am with you…. Talking about Bharat Ratna did you know MGR got it before Ambedkar… and that had to do with appeasement as well… I find that quite amusing.. Nehru I think deserves it, but the problem was it was given while he was PM and apparently the process for Bharat Ratna as I heard comes as a recommendation from the PM.. Leave that aside I think Nehru is much more eligible for it than Vajpei….

Now come to the Sri(squared) swami…. I have no clue why he is given the award may be because he supported Modi and using the clout and reach of his spiritual enterprise he was silently pushing a political agenda… So for him it is a well deserved reward and not an award… I can’t stop laughing….

The reason why the actors and entertainers get highlighted when they receive is because that is what majority folks understand… the other recipients were busy doing their work and had less time for doing Public Relations…. But thats ok… we don’t care the awards for people we do not know….

Anyway I am so angry with the committee that they did not give Chetan Bhagat one; He had been trying hard fighting the Award wapsi and much more…. poor chap…. He should get one… at least then he can return it when needed.. his pain was he did not have one to return…

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