Modi Bhakts Compare Kanhaiya and Pichai. Really??

This is what a Modi (FEKU) Bhakt Shared

This is what a Modi (FEKU) Bhakt Shared

There is an interesting comparison making its round as an Image on the Social Media; Kanhaiya Vs. Pichai. Really? In my opinion these comparisons are made by people who live an extremely discontented life in between these two figures.

On one side they are frustrated with a extreme sense of underachievement they wish not talk about and on the other side they are in denial of having any responsibility (hope) to changing the world we live in so it can be more fair to all. Because the Comparison is just STUPID, DEFICIENT & INSENSATE.

This is how it is fixed

With all respects to Pichai ‘This is how it is being fixed now’

You don’t have to agree with Kanhaiya or JNU, because you have your view point and debates. But the comparison makes you the poster boy/girl some association of self-centered dirts.

May be they should ask Pichai on his opinion about the JNU incident or role of students in contributing to the political society of a Nation or Research Scholars in general or even just on the Importance of African Studies in India and around the world. Oh! I forgot, that is not your concern right?

And then what is the Bhakt’s opinion of wasting tax payers money on Sanskrit language that no one speaks in India or anywhere in the world except for it being the source of orgasmic pleasure to some while they quote in on social media and are involved in a delusional propaganda that it is the perfect language for computers 🙂 May be that is why people do not speak it just like people do not talk in ‘C’, C++ and so on. Or how about wasting tax payers money on teaching and learning ancient Hindu scriptures that are revered by some who think Ganesha is the example of plastic surgery and so on. May be you should also ask Pichai the relevance of Sanskrit and Hindu Scriptures in lieu of African studies. But may be that is not a bhakt’s concern…

This is all just another example of the wicked Bhakt mentality (They are the Mantal 🙂 ) at work and in the process they mudsling Pichai himself. Just because Modi visited Google and they shook hands; please don’t make him a Sanghi 🙂 Such a pathetic bunch of Morons. Digital India has ‘India’ in it and that ‘India’ still has issues that Kanhaiya and others in JNU and across the country raise. You cannot do a google search and solve India’s problems even in a Digital India. Don’t agree with others, but show some respect for whats happening around you.

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