Inter Faith Harmony – But What about those not affiliated to any Faith?

peace-1183279_960_720On the request of a friend of mine I just started watching Modi’s speech at the Sufi Conference. But before Modi came I heard “Shahjada Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Maizbhandari” say that Bangladesh is the role Model of inter faith Harmony. I had to cut it then and there because memories of Niloy, Ananta, Avijit, and Washiqur did not allow me to continue watching…
Oh! I am sorry he said Inter Faith harmony, May be some would say that means no harmony for the faithless and atheists and irreligious. If you believe in any imaginary existence you will be spared? Is that fair?
Obama in one of his speeches specifically called out and recognized the non religious a while back; a very crucial statement. And this is a growing group all over the world. People who do not believe in God. A group not trivial to be discounted anymore.
The reason for the exclusion of the non-religious or nonGod is the reason that people cannot confront debates. They are  taught to be so protective about their faith. They feel if they do not have an answer to a logical question they will lose their faith.  Well they could but that is only for the good, because you would have made that stand on your own and not something handed over by tradition and upbringing. But again you can also have no answer and yet remain in your faith, because Atheists do not debate to convert so there is no win in that debate. It is a debate and not a duel. So please do not be scared of atheists, debate with them and change if you want, the choice is yours.
Before one tries building bridges one needs to be ready to accept criticism and debates… The single main problem of religions and why it turns militant (any religion for that matter) is the inability to hear criticism and debate on it. You don’t blame me and I don’t blame you but we can believe what we want is not called Harmony, it is called adjustment and partnership.
Sorry but I feel so disconnected when you have a religious harmony conference started without a moment of silence to people who lost life in the name of religion. Yes People you lost their life in the name of religion and I say that for people of faith and outside faith, because as a human being, a humanist I do not differentiate.
Life is life and not “precious prioritized” based on faith and faithlessness… Period

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