Trump Vs. Modi? What do they feed you daily? Try Mallya Instead

mallayaThe other day someone compared Trump to Modi and told me “if Trump comes to power here it will be as intolerant as in India” And I looked at him and said “Fuck You; You have no clue what you are talking about I will tell you about two things one is ‘intolerance’ and other is ‘comparison’ ”

“First let us talk about Intolerance. You have no idea what intolerance is, When you read the news puked by media and collated by your friends in Social Media you also lose your sense of common Sense. India is the largest Democracy with such a spectrum of diversity that one who has not lived there finds it difficult to fathom. And intolerance in india is not what your Aamir Khan and Salman Khan says Nor is it what your Anupam Kher marches to prove otherwise. It is not as black and white as one would like to put it. It is much more complex.

Yes there are issues and a growing concern of a majority militancy which in any country makes things bad. And there is enough work being done within India by people of all sects to fight any elements of intolerance. Even now you take a poll of all Muslims in India and ask you like to live in India or Saudi, and they will tell you India. And that is the India everyone wants to preserve. To preserve India as it has been people should think above religion, language and embrace a humanist thought that connects across differences. India like any other country has its set of issues, but it is not as intolerant like many other countries we know

Now let us talk about ‘Comparison, What ever you say about India’s Premier, he is the premier to more than a billion people and I don’t think he has ever publicly singled out a community or communities in a derogatory manner which apparently your Trump did and he did that to a big crowd that applauded and cheered for his stupidity. There is absolutely no comparison with trump and Modi in my opinion. The sad part is Trump stood in public and while contesting for the premier role badmouthed communities that has helped and even now help shape the country he claims he will make great again, Do you really see the nuts he has hanging from his ears?

donald-trumpAnother thing is Modi always had that same line of thought (one I have always disagreed with though) and he has not wavered from it, good or bad he has taken the same stand. And your Trump is an excellent example of a chameleon he has changed his color like anything. To be honest do you think he is the conservative he claims he is now? He is just taking the entire country for a ride, like he is doing some TV show.

Now if you still want a comparison for him with someone in India you can do so with the guy called Vijay Mallya who is on the run now for cheating some banks, I guess Trump’s businesses have also declared Bankruptcy right? and not once but 5 times. And he brags about it. On a personal life front as well they have more in common with their flamboyancy.

vijayAnd now think of Mallya trying to become the premier of India? Don’t you think that would be the biggest comedy event in India? And again even if he tried to become do you think he will ever make public statements demeaning communities that build the nation. Well No, and so even in that comparison falls short and I think even Mallya will get pissed off. So for Trump he is the only specimen and don’t lose that uniqueness with baseless comparisons. But if you have to compare, we give you Vijay Mallya…

Now for Modi and Trump, Have you ever heard Modi speak about someone the way Trump spoke about Carly Fiorina. Trump has been very disrespectful and people take it in the same style as watching a reality show that is made for increasing ratings.

So again Fuck You because No if Trump comes to power in US it won’t be anything  like India, it will be worse than our worst nightmares because he is just playing the shit out of people and he is getting a lot of fun out of it. Neither You nor I in real life want to be the people who clap on a sign in a recording studio, we are more than that…

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