IPL Sham… the Lock is rusty but you can get a key to open it

Finally the 3 rotten eggs theory is thrown out of the window… the D factor came and is lingering.. .but even the D team says that this is much bigger than what they can handle…. Isn’t that interesting…. So the question is do we have darker hands than the D team trying to wash clean in this mucky waters… Wah!

Finally the investigation looks beyond sreesanth and his sleazy connections…. The Bollywood involvement, Meyyappan kinship, the pak umpire’s wicket, what is next… I love technology in the form of online photo uploads, twitter, camera phones and more…. It can really break things up… evidence available if you search…. but acting on it is a whole different thing

As the bigger play is revealing its ugly self the benefit of doubt I gave to Sreesanth in my last post is also going out of the window…. Simply because… his vulnerability his own fault…. a child of his greed, high headedness and of course uncontrollable sleazy lifestyle…. and the negligible support he has even among his fellow keralites… how someone is able to alienate themselves so much…. I know that from the comments I got on my post asking “How dare I say Sreesanth is not guilty… though I did not really say that”

But something else I said in the old post still holds good…. The IPL structure and organization is the problem and should be scrutinized…. Starting on a wrong footing from the word go IPL was a ground for greed, power, celebrity glitz and potential corruption (Modi, Sunanda and more) the need of IPL is much beyond the game itself…. It is all about the money to be made.. both legally and otherwise…. it is about doing things with the game and its frenzy in a platform that can be customized to meet private interests at the expense of the populace…

IPL was also the best ground for many money making accessories to find home to flourish without a patriotic guilt…. like people who would cheat in IPL without feeling bad (which they might feel when playing for the country)…. If we look Cricket in India… we always had Ranji Trophy…. but how many packed games there were…. the money involved was probably less…. there was no glitter and glory to the level of IPL… obviously no lavishness and money to throw and pick…. So it is not the game… it is the level at which a game is played…. the color that gets put on it… the faces in the stadium… there is a reason I think for many to attend these games beyond the fact that they love the game… at least for the celebrity faces 🙂

I am not against IPL… Sports is big money business everywhere in the word… then why not India… and I think in India younger players should be able to pursue sports as a career…. and national team should not be the only way to succeed…. how many talented players push files in the Police, Banks and other institutions for the need for a job because they could not pursue and reach their dreams beyond a point… So IPL is needed… But without the corruption… with more control to ward of thugs…

For every opportunity an IPL throws to an upcoming player…. there are hundreds of others who fall prey to the allied systems like the illegal betting…. And interesting thing is the kind of people involved in the various levels are not people without money…. it is people who have so much of it…. I don’t know but for me even the auction of players looks awkward… may be I am wrong….

We should not forget that Azharuddin had doors open to politics by congress after he could not play anymore due to his involvement in betting and bookie scenes…. When the Ban was lifted he puts a statement “I was targeted because I am from a minority community” Mr. Azhar was it belonging to the minority community that gave you a place in the Indian team and you could become the captain… And for politics… it is high time that tainted folks cannot enter politics….

With IPL debacle at least we will have so many more contenders to indian political scene….. This is all a sham….

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