Mr. Trump, It is not ‘Trump Estates of America’; It is the ‘United States of America’

donald_trump_august_19_2015_croppedDear Mr. Trump,
The Second Presidential Debate between Hillary and you is on Sunday. Since last election you have managed to make your journey to white house even tough. Another of your actual self and demeaning outlook towards women has come out. But are we surprised that you as a person would say so? I am not, I would be surprised if anyone had thought that this is not the character and level of decay you would exhibit in your private time and place. A person who publicly in a stage made fun of his lady opponent’s looks is capable of much more than that. And you did in front of TV in front of that person. Even kindergartners do not do that because they know that it is not fair to hurt someone. So I am not surprised…
On your lewd remarks about women, it is true that there are other people also out there who act and behave like that. Some get caught and some don’t. Are one better than other No! But that does not make what you said ok.
I say this because once this came up you have said that Bill Clinton has said worse in the Golf course with you. I will let Bill and you deal with it, American people do not care because Bill is not standing for elections and I don’t think people vote (or Don’t Vote) for Hillary because Bill is her Husband. We are talking about women who stand tall and free on their own which is contrary to the notion of how you think women should be.
You said “I apologize if anyone was offended” Did you not feel it will be offending when you said so? You have shown your colors on stage as well, so may be we will let your apology stay with you. You will need more of it as we go. The point is No one gives you the right to say you can grope a woman and end it with an apology to just those who offended. It is like down playing what you said. You should have apologized to every woman at least in that statement, not just the ones offended. Your apology just shows the crack in how ‘well meaning’ it was.
Your lewd comment also shows the architectural marvel of making sewage flow upwards on to the top of your Trump Towers. Because I remember reading one of your books I don’t remember which one it was. In it you had bragged about how you fought with city authorities to get homeless people off the streets in front of your towers. A Real Estate guy who thinks that he not only owns his plot but also the street in front is not the right person to run a country because he will become a big liability for the American people, American Friends and Allies, Neighboring countries and the entire world.  So I hope people do not vote for you.
You are a person who has gained political popularity because of your celebrity status in stupid Realty shows and you said things some people liked or were confused about. You said all the wrong things Mr. Trump, You latched on to the issue of Illegal immigration and used the word Rapists and Murderers at an entire population. You spew venom into the minds of people with your words when you tried to alienate people of one religion. You publicly told that if you had not paid taxes and that makes you smarter. But the fact is that it makes you guilty in front of the tax paying voting American people. What you conveyed is that every tax paying American is a fool.
Isn’t the fact that you really do not care a hoot about any of the people who even today think they should vote for him?  Why do you play with the emotions and Goodwill of good Republicans. That is so bad…
It is very sad Mr. Trump to even see you stand there and fool people. I will look forward for the debates and see you do the same nods and plastic smiles and interruptions and leave the stage and blame the mic or the bottle of water or the moderator or the glass or anything.
May be you don’t care for the common man who pays taxes as in your book ‘being common’ is not a Deal, it is being unsuccessful and a failure. Common men, Small business owners, immigrants, homeless folks, all form part of this country and they all form the power of the Vote. Mr. Trump.
This is not The ‘Trump Estates of America’; it is the ‘United States of America’

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