Before the Third Presidential Debate Hillary Vs. Trump – An Indian Calling Trump

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-11-53-18-amSo we are waiting for the Third Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Recently he had attended an event hosted by some group in America called ‘Hindus for Trump’. I thought the Locker room Banter was the lowest point of Trump but then this one came. Even the name signifies that Indians are not for Trump. Only a few Hindus, and that too around 2000 people on FB is what they have.

The fact that a Presidential Candidate attends such an event makes me wonder what is the connection between a ‘Hindus for Trump’ group and Trump who has been going on bad mouthing entire communities. The fight against terrorism is not just a Hindu thing. Everyone in India and around the world who want peace fights terrorism, they include hindus, muslims, christians, Sikhs, Jews, non believers and everyone.

I thought it is important as an Indian living in America to say a few things. Here is the Video.