On Election 2016 – More popular votes for a woman is enough light to positively look ahead.

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-9-18-24-amTrump’s victory will take a while for me to get over with because there is so much of him that he spoke and did during the campaign that I find very difficult to accept. Be it the way he managed his opposition or how he spoke or his sexist audio tape and his response on that or his issues with not revealing his taxes and the way he spoke about Muslims and Mexicans. I was also keenly following how many of his supporters viciously reacted over twitter.

Both Hillary and Obama called to congratulate Trump because there is something called accepting an election outcome as part of a democratic process even if it is to a person who had said the election is rigged and he will not accept the results unless he wins. That is why I stand behind Hillary and Obama and the Democrats.

When I look at the Popular Votes Hillary has 59,390,851 Trump gets 59,215,097 and if Trump had more popular votes over Hillary and he had lost, well I think we would be listening to a lot different tone than what comes from Hillary today. The last time a similar thing happened was when Al Gore lost with more popular votes and the 8 years that followed in my opinion was something we all wish to leave behind. That being said it is important to look forward in a positive way than a negative one. And for that

A woman winning the popular votes in America is enough light to positively look ahead.

America did not get its first Woman President instead it elected someone who boasted about groping women. There are many who think sexism is not that disgusting or an issue, but for me it is important because opinions about life do not change based on who wins elections.

As a feminist I find it tough to digest. And the fact that Hillary did not come to talk yesterday tells how devastated she must be, because losing to Trump is not like losing to anyone else. And for a woman losing to a person like him should be really tough. Yet she came out congratulated Trump and said she will work with him for the benefit of the Nation and I think she needs to be congratulated for that and for upholding the essence and spirit of democracy.

Where to from here?
Trump’s victory should be understood by both Republicans and Democrats here as the mandate of a population who has a mistrust and sense of ‘needed correction’ on a political system. May be Trump was not the right choice with his personal preferences on many issues, but this should be a wakeup call for Republicans and Democrats and people who really want to change things.

I see some people telling uneducated White America for Trump’s win and that in my opinion as lame because that is also not in the spirit of inclusiveness. And the fact is Trump did not win just because of that. He won because people; educated, uneducated, white, black, brown all had a role in his the results. He won because there are many people in America who wanted a change even thought they did not know to what, And Trump came up and spoke everything that was outside politics as people know it and it happened. And it is important to listen to what happened and learn.

From how Trump ran his campaign there is lot of uncertainty in the country especially in communities that Trump isolated during his Campaign. There are many open eyes looking far off and trying to digest what a Trump victory means to them. This is not good and the people in both parties in America need to work together here. Trump is not a politician and we all know that, but he is an intelligent guy and he won the elections, from being the most unlikely nominee to being the President of US. That is not an easy thing.  Hope his intelligence wins over his ‘do anything to win’ attitude and push the country in the right direction. Winning is important but the nature of winning is different for a Presidential candidate and the President of the US.

I usually do not speak politics on a one on one with my son, he is too young for that. But yesterday I spend time with my 9 year old son as he was very upset with the result. He had been supporting Hillary from what he was hearing from school. His main problem against Trump was that ‘Trump disrespected women” and he cannot imagine a person disrespecting women win over a woman in a country where he was born to a woman. I told him it is about 4 years and we get to look forward. I did not have the popular vote statistics back then and now I feel better to tell him that all is not bad and show him that what he cares is not lost after all.

So as Hillary asked keep an open mind and hope that both Parties and Trump (I say ‘both parties and Trump’ because even now I feel Trump as an outsider in the political system) work towards removing the uncertainties in people’s mind governing the nation in a fair and clear way and working towards equality of women and minorities.

Lastly I got some messages from a few people outside US, especially from India who were rejoicing over the results saying this is a victory against minority appeasement. I have no comments here because I know your political and moral stand when it comes to things like controlling diet habits of people, promoting minority divisiveness, banning free speech and opinion on equal rights for women and sexism.



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