Murali Gopy tries to coverup Modi using Gandhiji’s loin cloth and Social Media mercilessly returns it back

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-52-57-amMurali Gopy the son of the late Malayalam Actor Gopy is a favorite of the Hindu Nationalists on Social Media, In other words his opinions are nationalistically hinduistic right and he is loved by many on that side of the spectrum. So it is not a surprise when one of my hindu nationalist friends shared his post where Murali Gopy shared a comment about social Media

The comment he shared was (translating to english)
“If there was social Media when India received Independence then even Gandhiji would have received so much abuse for making peoples life miserable”

Mind you he posted this to throw in public the point that opposition to Modi is such a bad thing to do and everyone who cries that the demonetization is impacting people’s life are just social media trolls and not talking facts 🙂

But he probably did not understand that Social Media while giving many common people a voice also shows celebrities they are nothing great but just another social media user 🙂

Because the most liked comment under his own post is this “Sir, please also tell your fans that Gandhiji did not die because he was hit by an Autoriksha and also tell people who all would have heard abuse if there was social Media back then”

This is what happens when you try to coverup your PM using the loin cloth of the father of the nation

Murali Gopy Pling… Pling Pling… sorry plingasya aha!

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