Blaming Poor People of non-cooperation during demonetization is the lowest one can fall

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-9-54-19-amHere is a comment by a Demonetization Supporter who thinks that the poor people choosing to be corrupt over the benefit of the demonetization effort is a reason to support the Govt. deciding that “from November 24 midnight, there’d be no exchange of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. This news comes in the light of earlier thoughts of possible extensions. Now the Govt. might decide to change this stand as they said “there will be certain exceptions to the rule”. But in this guy’s opinion He feels this move is right. And why?, because poor people chose corruption over benefits of demonetization. I fail to understand arguments that are intentionally bend on blindness.

I am a person who unlike my usual posts against Modi Government have supported this demonetization decision just because of its intention to curb corruption. But all the while as I write I had this feeling behind the back of my mind that someone will at sometime start blaming the people for non-cooperation and point out that the people are the main reason for any failure in demonetization and its aggravated negative impacts.

This might be a one off case and not all might think the same way but it is important to look at why Blaming people is so lame and unfair. There is no demonetization or nation or PM or flag or economy if you cannot think of people in its completeness. The deaths that happened in the light of demonetization cannot be brushed under the carpet. The hardship faced by people cannot be ignored. The negative impacts of demonetization cannot be blamed on people “If only they had been more cooperative” kind of arguments just fall flat on the face of humanistic look. The intention is no more in question, it is the actions that take us ahead and the civility in the way we respond both for and against something and here in this comment I feel that civility was ripped naked and paraded.

As per Modi’s App 93% support the effort and now if this fails for any reason; you can never blame people for not cooperating. If you blame people then that means this 93% is fabricated through a poorly designed app that was never intended to give you the real sentiments 🙂

This might be a one off comment. But this post on my side is a primer to all those who might in the future think in this manner. Again the person has right to his own opinion. But there is something factually wrong in blaming poor people for the problems of demonetization. For me people come before nation.

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