Welcoming 2017 with the PenPositive NewYear Quadrant

Since last few years towards the end of every year I write a piece to welcome the new year and sometimes a peek into the year that passed. This year I decided to plot several items in four quadrants across Happiness and Goals and use that as a self check mechanism reminding that all that makes you happy is not important and some of the things that do not make you happy are very important to be pursued.

I call this the PenPositive New Year Quadrant and you can try it too. just plot many things in your life against happiness and Goals. The priority is to focus on Q2 and Q4 and by the end of the year move items in Q4 to Q2. Also do indulge in some of the Q1. What is life without a little vice. Q3 is what you need to completely avoid because they do no good to you or others. Now you can revisit them down the line and see how it goes.


Now a look at the year that passed. The year 2016 gave me extra time to do a few things up to the point that it got me to the img_20161221_145830brink of frustration. This was kind of forced (self imposed) timeout but I realized that having all the time to do anything you want takes the romance out of taking time out of a scarce schedule. So in 2017 I will take time out and not force a timeout on me 🙂 Here is a peek 

Reading: I have been able to catch up on my reading I missed last two years. Have gotten back into a regular reading habit before going to bed. And have a whole bunch of books I have scheduled for 2017. Will it happen? have to wait and see

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-28-33-pmPenPositive: With the time I had this year I was able to spend some serious effort on PenPositive positioning it to be the Creative and Entrepreneurial Vehicle driving in life and I will introduce you to a few things I have planned in here for 2017. You can also follow the activities on the 900 member strong FB Page https://www.facebook.com/penpositive or on the website/blog https://penpositive.com/

  • InDriveView: A PenPositive Project of an interview on the drive which I started in 2015 but did just 3 episodes of it. This will be more regular and I am in the process of scheduling people who I think should be part of it. You can also like the 300 strong FB Page for updates and new episodes https://www.facebook.com/indriveview
  • TeenPublish: A PenPositive Project to promote reading and writing among teens. Will be scheduling weekly (weekend) online sessions for anyone you are interested to get started on. You can visit the 900 member strong FB page for updates https://www.facebook.com/teenpublish/

CORPoetry: CORPoetry brings poetry into the corporate sector to build your teams. Here is an introduction and more updates will be on the PenPositive FB page https://www.facebook.com/penpositive

MemoirPublish: The belief that everyone has a story to tell and need help telling them. MemoirPublish aims at connecting with people who want to get their memoir written and published.

  • SCRUMLife: I have been a fan of the SCRUM Model which for me is a philosophy more than a methodology and its reach in my opinion is not just in the corporate arena but also into our very lives. The opportunity to take big items and break them into small ticket items and collaborate communicate and make it happen. You will see more on SCRUMLife both on the corporative side as well as in personal lives in the YouTube Channel I will have videos uploaded https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHyDR_KIV40_VHSTxjH22Q

Writing: Continue the writing regime with the usual with the two main writing projects I take every year during the month of April which is also the National Poetry Month. One project will be on writing a poem every day and the other will be translating a poem by an international poet to Malayalam every day during April. More of my past endeavors here are in my blog.

Blogging and Creative Stuffs: Blogging has continued and what I did towards the end of the year was kind of divide my blogging across a few different avenues. Also a few new engagements and partnerships triggered and here is a recap and what is going on.

  • I started writing for the Magazine AkkarBakkar and so many of my Articles and Opinions on Social Issues, politics and other opinionated pieces will appear there. You can read my pieces here http://www.akkarbakkar.com/profile/show/vinod-narayan/
  • The blog https://vinodnarayan.com will remain more to adhere to personal writing and poetry and other creative writing including movie reviews. This year there was an entry of 110 posts and 241 people following it and a 26K visitors and 38K views in 2016
  • The website https://penpositive.com/ will be the place where all my pieces on the PenPositive entrepreneurial front go in including reviews of books that impact life and career and so on (not novels)
  • CinemaFilmReviews is a project I started to give 2 minute Intros to world cinema. Initially planned to do that as a separate item and then ended up having a 800 member CinemaFilmMovie FB page dedicated to it with the videos appearing on my Youtube channel
  • Mid of this year I also embarked on a Malayalam Video Blog or Podcast with a 2000+ member Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ballathapahayankozhikode and a youtube channel that is nearing 500 subscribers  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqJVeh6G6V0RrHQ5xFPoOQ that takes a unique Kozhikodan slang to deliver interesting videos and was also featured in the newspaper in Kerala. This was something I had been planning for over 2 years and it happened in 2016
  • Also this year I started writing for the popular Malayalam online magazine http://navamalayali.com/
  • The Malayalam blog https://marthyan.com/ still continues though the entry had been fairly limited this year with around 58 posts including poems, stories and articles with 1.6K visitors and 4K views
  • Also started the radio show BallathaPahayan on MalayaliFM aired 4 times a week bringing Malayalam songs with some Kozhikodan talk
  • New Projects Planned for 2017
    • A Video log in English in the line of my Malayalam one. More in an uncut standup way
    • Anything that comes up in mind

Again if you want to go through the posts for past years since this has been a routine you can see them here

Wish you all a great 2017.

Vinod Narayan

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