When you hear it being said like it should be Spoken : Meryl Streep’s Acceptance Speech

meryl-streepNot always do you hear someone speak the truth with such a genuine call to action. When Meryl Streep was announced for the Cecil B. DeMille  award I did not really think about what she was going to talk about, My mind was wandering across the celluloid screens that had over years made her one of our most favorite artists. That coupled with the usual mesmerization of the word ‘beauty’.

But then she spoke of how the year was in her eyes and everything else took a back seat and as she spoke trying to regain her lost voice, tears in the eyes were a natural output. It is important for us all to not forget the racist and humiliating references that this election campaign delivered to the people. How the Chief of tomorrow came down with such insensitivity upon immigrants, women, disabled and minorities of all levels. How a badge of disgrace was presented to every supporter of his party with a victory.

Meryl Streep called for her Hollywood brethren and the press to act saying their already important roles will have more seriousness and relevance in the coming years.. The freedom of press should be upheld so they have the power to question those in power if they do act against the interests. As she said disrespect brings disrespect and violence brings violence.

The election and power hand over is a start and not an end. Thank You Meryl. And thanks for remembering Princess Leia’s words to you “Take your Broken heart and make Art”

Meanwhile Trump side is bringing up the argument that he was not disrespecting the disabled but that is his usual antics… well and we all know no one respects women like Trump, as per Trump…. 🙂

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