Living, surviving and staying positive in the world of Super Bhakts

More than having Modi’s picture with Charka on the Khadi Calendar, what is amusing is when you see some folks hailing people-1749382_1280it as a great thing and saying even Nehru and Indira gave themselves Bharat Ratna so why make an issue of this..

Doing something to highlight oneself while they are in office is never great even if it is genuine. And also giving the same honor to people like Tendulkar or Bajpay also has an issue. This whole thing is a scam if you look. MGR got it before Sardar Patel 🙂 What is MGR’s national contribution? It is all in vested interests…

To be honest, I personally do not care whose picture is on the calendar… I don’t think people kept the calendar because it had Gandhi’s image… If you change Gandhi’s image nothing will happen to india, But changing Gandhi and keeping sitting PM’s image is kind of stupid.. especially saying he is more suited for it 🙂 And then when people still fail to acknowledge the narcissism of the PM they should be given awards.

That being said congress has no right to speak on this as we have seen a whole family take Indian voters for ride using the Gandhi name… They now speak out like they are the most perfect. We all need to break ourself from blindly following a person..

The other day I said something about Arvind Kejriwal and a AK Bhakt (yes that is also there) told me it was disrespectful.. thinking only their papa is entitled to respect is amusing, isn’t it?

Blame Modi but not AK, Blame AK but not Modi, Blame AK and Modi but not Gandhi, blame every other nation but not yours. You should be filled with Bhakti seeing stupid Bhakts all around

We need a guide to live, survive and be positive in a world of Bhakts

Wah re Rajneethi!!!