Is Trump the Pied Piper of the anti-immigrant Looneys?

It could have been any one of us brown skinned is all I could think when I heard about the Kansas shooting. And I wondered what does all the ‘Hindus for Trump’ clowns have to say now? Their support for Trump was only initiated by their hatred to Muslims. And now when you see that the ‘eyes with the hands that held the trigger’ only saw the skin color where does their support go?

The question is will the president take responsibility for what happened? He has stood on the public stage and used race and religion over and over to divide and win. And don’t forget the talk of the Russian involvement. Yes may be he will take responsibility of his victory but never for what that victory does adversely to the people in the US.

Some supporters of Trump think that those who oppose him do so because of his lack of political experience. Well that is a small reason but more than that, it is because he is that kind of a guy who is only interested in winning and thinks everything is a deal and feels that saying and doing anything to win can be justified. And he did just that, he went on an all out unethical campaigning to stir the masses. Opened a box he cannot close now.

When you are in a high position or even contesting for one and do loose talk over and over like a maniac gone haywire on the TV screen, there are many people who will start creating perceptions and you never know about it. And sadly you cannot stop it easily once it starts.

There are people holding guns thinking immigrants, blacks, muslims, brown people are the reason for what is wrong in this country and the speech and tweets of the President can turn them into violent screwballs. So yes Mr. Trump you have a moral responsibility when hate crimes happen in this country here on. You are like the pied piper of the anti-immigrants.

Many people have told me but he did not start a war, he does not have blood in his hands. True but he has said words that have created the first casualty. If that is not a direct hand in the deed what is?

The shooter yelled “get out of my country” and that has a lot to do with the anti immigrant sentiments that Trump has put out.
Was there hate crime before? Yes there was… But…

But this was the first time a guy was given the public stage to say anything he wants and he used race and religion and the repercussions of that can be very difficult to contain. So here on Trump has a moral responsibility because he has lowered the bar for people to be racist bullies and violent looneys.

You do not make the land of immigrants great by showing a middle finger to the immigrants. Doing so you are showing the middle finger to your own father and fore fathers who came to this land and killed and massacred the indigenous people who lived here and looted and took their land. And that is not in anyway like the immigrants of today who come here and work hard and contribute positively to the economy. Well only someone with a racist bend of mind can talk against immigrants when you known you yourself go back to one.

And now we all should always remember Niemöller and his ‘first they came for….’ statement
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

A discrimination in any form happening in any place can easily catch on to you because there are many insane ones out there. So when you see someone discriminating or inciting discrimination, speak up because your turn will also come because discrimination is inhuman.

It is not just about white or black or brown. It is about instigating people standing on the brink and deviating their thoughts to shape in any violent form. What Trump did with his talks is set loose a bunch of racist cuckoos who think racism and anti-immigration is the solution. And in Kansas you can see that even the white man who intervened was shot. Mr. Trump you have let down Americans including white people in this country who support equality for all.

Finally when it comes to tweeting, which is the president’s tool to fight fake news media as he says. An interesting trend is that there are anonymous trump supporting fake twitter accounts that continuously promote hate messages over twitter and sadly these are not necessarily all by white people. I know one specifically which is personally targeted at me and by a Hindu goon who supports Trump because of what he talks about Muslims. Twitter does not do anything either. I have send complaints to them initially and they said it is freedom of speech.

Well I have no idea when hate speech became free speech for twitter.

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