Kansas Shooting – Feeling Rejected by Trump silence and Disturbed by some fellow Indian comments

Till now Trump is silent on the Kansas shooting. May be he does not consider this as a Hate Crime or his own speeches as hate speech. Or he has been asked not to speak. It is an unexplainable feeling of rejection. I am sure many would feel so at least since he is the President now.

But what is even more disturbing is that there are a few fellow Indians (some in my own friends list) who have commented defending Trump’s right to say whatever he wants to say and cover it up in the ‘Make America Great Again’ blanket.

These are some of my fellow Indians sitting in India who have already decided this is not a Hate Crime. That it had nothing to do with the loose ‘Trump Talks’ that has ben making its rounds in the media and that it is just another example of the Gun culture. Really??? Yes some of my fellow Indians say so

Some of these morons do not understand that while Gun culture is always an issue, which Obama used to speak against and condemn did his best to bring a control in place. Trump might be in to undo some of that control to please the NRA. Mind you that “NRA Head has compared Anti-Trump Protester Violence to Terrorism” in his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. So even if you call this a result of Gun Culture Trump is only supporting it

I see some of these fellow Indian folks profiles are always filled with news of where muslims have done wrong and bashing seculars and liberals and countries that take refugees.

After deliberate thought I have decided to unfriend and block each one of them. I don’t need people in my friends who will let their hate for another community blind their senses to understand what is a hate crime and what is not.

Telling a brown skinned person to go to their country here in the US is the very same as telling a person in India to go to Pakistan because they felt he or she was less nationalistic. Both are instigated by the the same Hate and discrimination. I say that because I have seen such comments on people’s wall generating patriotic Indian likes.

So check your friends list and see how many Indian people you know who have asked people (muslims, Hindus christians) alike to “Go to Pakistan” because they did not fit their patriotic stereotype.

Unfriend those imbecilesā€¦. if you think they are not same, then no one can help you

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