BJP vs. Rahukhilesh a few thoughts….

News is full of the BJP sweep in UP. And I would say “Saala Pappu tho khud nahin poora class ko.. sorry… Poora school ko hi fail kar ke chodegaa….”

The numbers that show up for BJP is not just about BJP, but about the opposition as well. In fact in politics the victory of any party is the lack of essence of the opposition. Because politics everywhere is the game of proving who is stronger and successful in convincing/fooling/camouflaging the masses.

And then you hear some people trying to find reasons to live with the defeat by completely discounting or forgetting​ the fact that how big a thug and goon guys like Akhilesh are. Completely ignoring the fact that Akhilesh and many of his allies thrive on goondaism. And the fact that they are extremely corrupt.

The same people who ignore Akhileshian and mulayamistic thugism also cover up the incompetence of a buffoon like Rahul Gandhi  who is trying to be the face of a party that had the likes of Nehru, Patel, Shastri and so on. It is extremely retarded to even find a reason for the defeat and blaming BJP.

The irony is the same people who hail Akhilesh and Rahul had also blamed people in Tamil Nadu for their worship to ammas and appas of politics. Now how do they define their worship towards Rahul and Akhilesh.

Accept that the rise of BJP is the defeat of those who oppose BJP because the opposition has not been able to  show a sincere second choice. And this is where AAP as a political party is now headway compared to the congress and others. If there is one group which can take BJP head on it is AAP. While it is true that AAP is not prominent every where in India and it will take a long time before it can stand out on a national level I think AAP is the only real hope for the sane. Well unless the congress and others decide that you cannot fight BJP without being serious about it.

Now irrespective of who is in power I am a big believer of the power of the opposition. If you have a strong opposition that can stand up and keep the ones in power under check, it is an extremely important role in a nation’s growth.

So to all those who put out Amit shah modi memes  take a step back. See what is happening around you. While you would like to say that BJP win is all about the rising nationalism look in a more broad manner.  See how fragile even the opposition is.  If you do not strengthen the opposition, you will lose many of your existing imbeciles to BJP (because they just play politics) and long will be dead the kind of liberal outlook that you wish to see.

Don’t bet on these kind of people, Rahul, Akhilesh and so on. Think beyond that…. Because a strong and sincere opposition is important for everyone in the nation.

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