Don’t Read Books; Reading can severely damage your ability to ‘Think Trump’

Trump does not read books, but is the author of eight or so bestsellers. And yet you people make fun of this great son of America. Don’t you have anything better to do? Who told you reading is important. It might be for some, but not for people like Trump who some say is the chosen one and there is a Divine hand in the playing. How can you not see the heavenly hand in playing the tunes in this piano point of history. How can you talk against this good unread book hating bestselling Author.

Tell me one thing. Won’t you applaud when you see a motorcyclist ride blind folded. Then why can’t Trump do it. Everyone is not made equal in his books. Trump is not your average guy. Accept it. Did you know that Trump doesn’t even need to know a language to write a book in it. I know that sounds bit of a stretch, but that is because you all cannot do it. But Trump, he is different.

Did you know that he started speaking fluent Chinese when he first ate Chinese food. Most people eat their food and it goes straight into their stomach, but for Trump it infuses the whole culture and language into his senses. That is power, something that he received from the an anklet that was once worn by the daughter of the king of Thurumparipura, a now forgotten kingdom in India. Hope you remember Trump saying ‘I love the Hindu’. It was not Trump saying, but the anklet making him say.

Trump has mastered things about food. In his book he says the best burger in the world is served in the McDonald’s in the Trump Tower. No I am not Kidding, read his book, he says that. That is how I found out that Trump really thinks the Big Mac tastes different in different outlets and the one in his Trump tower tastes better. That is why if he is in a hurry to learn something new he eats fast food and so his learning can be remarkably fast. Trump ate so much Chinese fast food before his meeting with the Chinese President. He even burped in traditional Chinese is what they say. And you make fun of him? Shame on you…

If you think that from his behavior he seems to have eaten more Street food, then you are completely mistaken. The problem with him is he has not eaten street food. Street food are for those who want to build that finesse to be humane, but for Trump he likes it fast. May be Fast and Furious. Who knows. He thinks streets are bad, dirty mean, poor and worthless. And such streets bring down the real estate value. He knows it all mind you…

I remember the famous quote on Reading ‘While most Reading can damage your ignorance some reading can significantly impact your ability to Think”. No I am not talking about his books, but just quoting a statement. But you all should understand Reading is not as important as they have been saying. What is important is the ability to ‘Think Trump’. No not ‘Think Dumb’ I said ‘Think Trump’.

Which means most reading can damage your ability to ‘Think Trump’ 🙂 So put the book you are reading now down and switch on the TV. Go to the channel from where even your President gets his daily dose of information. Bravo!!!! way to go….. Reading can severely damage your ability to ‘Think Trump’


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