Eating Beef or Pork and other healthy choices

shish-kebab-417994_1920There is a lot of hue and cry over beef. The other day I too made beef as part of a cookout event. Though people say it is because of a protest against the Beef Ban in india… it is not. My dish needed meat and it is a kerala event and Beef is the most favorite meat among keralites of all religion, except for a few who do not eat beef. I mentioned Beef in the name tag so I do not offend those who might eat without knowing.

The other day I made a kerala style dish with both pork and beef mixed. It tasted good. The reason was I had both meat less to make a dish by itself and so tried this. Now to the real point

Beef is not a healthy meat, especially if you are overweight and have cholesterol. And it not just about cow but anything you call beef, bull ox anything. So also is pork, not the best if you have cholesterol or are overweight. They call it the other white meat, but still if cholesterol and weight are your issues, then you should look else where in my opinion. A diet with more plants and fish is the best with a weekly meat with a change of chicken, Beef, Pork and Mutton may be. Again my personal thought..

But one needs to reduce Sugar to minimum to nil. Also reduce carb from pasta and rice as much as possible, so try getting your carb from vegetables instead of rice . Quit Smoking if you do. Drink less alcohol, Stop if you can, and don’t start if you don’t have it now, it does not add anything new and good to you life by starting. And if you drink try wine over hard liquor.

We don’t need modi or sangh parivar or religious leaders to say this. What we need is doctors and public programs to let people know and based on this let people be free to make their personal choices. Don’t eat beef or pork or meat if your religion tells you, but for others let them get their protein. Being a vegetarian does not make you morally superior to look down upon meat eaters.

And yes exercise regularly. These are good things that should be promoted

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