Dodge it as always Mr. Modi… Dodge it…..

Modi Breaks his Silence on Dadri Issue says the Headlines

Expecting Modi to speak the way I want him to speak is an improbable ask… Because if he says the way I would have wanted to say then he would lose supporters…. He is a politician… He has a political Agenda and a Hindu agenda wrapped in a ‘Progress of India’ slogan and that needs support of a varied type of people including ones who think Dadri Lynching was the right thing to do. He has to make a statement that does not offend them either.


He did very conveniently omit the fact that a man lost his life for a rumor that he ate beef. He could have at least said that no one should lose their life for diet habits. He can condemn the act and highlight the triviality and silliness of that mindset that resulted in the crime.


The fact is a man was killed because someone thought that killing a cow is a crime that should be punishable by death and people from his own party (may be just local leaders) did put out support statements… yes he said one should not care what many local leaders say…. but if a crime happens and local leaders support the crime then that is not the appropriate answer..


He is a shrewd guy…. He broke his silence is not a right statement…. He just gave a boiler plate statement that has nothing to really do with Dadri Lynching… May be people do not think he has to be specific… good for them….


May be he also silently messaged, If you eat beef and offend sentiments there can be miscreants like this who would do these kind of vicious acts and there might be local leaders who will support it… But we should not listen to them. We should not bother about it… Then he threw the poverty agenda and said fight that…. He is not stupid…


It is not a Hindu Muslim Issue…. If it was a Non-Hindu who ate beef he would also have met with same fate… The problem is the rising fanaticism in the name of Hinduism… the feeling that I can get away doing something if it is in the name of protecting Hinduism…..  Dodge it as always Mr. Modi… Dodge it…..

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