Why are people pissed off when you write against Modi

So we all know unlike any other PMs India has had, if you write against Modi many people will be pissed off and this shows the popularity of the guy. I am a person who has taken the flak of this for long time now. And there are many like me as well. And it always make me think why is that happening and here are some thoughts.

  1. Over the years in india the political parties have done a lot of minority appeasement for votes and this has resulted in a very bad name for seculars.
  2. There are many people in india who are not a BJP or RSS but have strong Hindu feeling that they do not really mind RSS take a hand and
  3. giving rise to the sickulars and pseudo seculars and these are the same people who coined the word Aaptards for the AAP supporters.
  4. W

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