Sarah Huckabee Sanders has one of the toughest Job in the World

I honestly think the job of Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one of the toughest in the world now…. That is probably why I do not enjoy many jokes made at her…

It is not easy…. put yourself in her shoes and imagine what goes through that mind before every question asked…. and every answer given…. everyday waking up thinking ‘what today..?’

Today I checked some of her videos and I was thinking… it takes Guts… it takes a lot of courage….. especially when you have to get up there and having to defend 140 characters in front of 140 people… live….

You don’t have to agree with her politics, nor do you have to agree with her boss… but you need to give credit to be in a role at such times… a role that needs to answer questions… answering is not that easy as questioning. And the funny part is social media gives a PhD in questioning for free with no real thinking needed.

We question everything.. yes questioning is important… but the best questions are those where you have exhausted all the answers from your point of rational thinking… I am not saying don’t question.. I am saying think.. spend time to think… I mean questions from all sides of politics and society…

No one side is right… not always…. what is best for the world is an amalgamation of all sides…….. And it does not matter which side… if there are many (not just two) sides, as an individual… merge them and take the best… even in ‘right’ there are many sides, even in ‘left’ there are many sides…

Right and Left are not the only sides in the world we live…. and you don’t need to lean to one side always…

She is the third woman to hold the role of White House Press Secretary after Dee Dee Myers in 1993 under Clinton and Dana Perino in 2007 under Bush.

In my opinion, She deserves a lot more credit than many people out there.

Everything around you… before you judge… take time to think beyond the trolls and comedy.. beyond what the social media has to say… Social Media is not the place where you get your best views.. it is just a place where you can get many views… but even the Facebook Algorithm makes you only see the views of the people whose view you will follow blind… unless you are cautious you will be brainwashed. You could be right brainwashed or left brainwashed. either way you will be brainwashed..

Think… take time to think…..

Addendum to this after I read some of the comments I got. Just getting my thoughts in place.

When I posted about Sarah Huckabee Sanders having one of the toughest job in the world now, some of my friends commented back saying, Shame on her, Deserves for someone who is defending lies and someone said that that was the least sensible post of mine. I take that all as their opinion, but wanted to present my thought process.

Here is a long version of a few things that came into my mind as I wrote this post…. In my opinion there is a difference between a person and a role. A role has a definite set of duties irrespective of who takes up that role.

Think about the role of the President. Did the role change the person?
Let us take Sarah’s role and the person Sarah. Do you think ‘Sarah’ and ‘Sarah in the role” are the same?

Let that question linger in for a bit…

May be you would say that before and after being elected as President, Trump did not change. He might have been a sexist before and he might be a Sexist now. But what about Sarah. Are we trying to say ‘Sarah in the role’ and completely superimposing that on her pre White House identity. Is that correct?

And when you do that are you also imposing some of her Boss’s character on to her?

Let me paint a picture of Sarah before the role. The youngest and the only daughter of a politician who has been doing door to door campaigning for her dad since she was a kid and says “I’m absolutely my dad’s biggest fan, and anything he wanted to do, I wanted to be a part of”. Add to this that she is someone with a political ambition as well as a clear head on the direction of her politics. For he she might be serving the country when she is advancing her role in politics so she can contribute to steering the nation in a direction she feels is right.

She in her role is serving the leader of a political party whose ideology she and her dad stands for and she does it for a country she loves.

She could probably have chosen any role.. yes.. But having a woman in that role especially for a President who is being called a sexist before election may all be part of a politics. Or may be she decided that she as a woman in that role can make a change. When we talk about Women’s Point of View, one thought is you could also commend her as a woman to take up that role today because she still has faith in a system. Instead of leaving it all to men, she took the toughest role, even knowing she will get flak from women as well.

Politics is not a game of truth, it is a game of power and no power comes without some lies and defending. Look at religion.. it is so powerful all over the world. Does it not rely on a set of lies or in a more moderate way, a set of unprovable narratives.

The problem in this world (including me) is that we set such high moral standards on one area but then loosen it on some other. We are all biased.. when it comes to how things should be… that is just a product of our ability to think and articulate.

Yes, may be she signed up for something like this, knowing everything. May be she did not think it would be this tough to handle. We do not sit in an ‘I know all’ position is all my point here. Whether it is her or anyone else, I think the job is tough in the current times. I would give credit to anyone taking up that role today. And it take sguts to be Sarah today.

May be she would have been judged totally different if the president was a different person. May be she would not even have been this relevant. May be she would have never got that job in the first place. May be she would have thought there is no need for it. May be she would have elevated the role unlike anyone else in history. May be she would not have to field such questions day in and day out under someone else… May be… May be… May be…..

Now if anyone has to apologize that should be the American people to themselves and also forgive themselves. What made Trump the president is the vulnerability in the American political system, both on the left and right. Imagine the situation where a candidate who had publicly made sexist remarks running against a woman and winning the elections. The fabric is torn and there is no Sarah Huckabee’s fault in her. She would have always wanted her Dad to be the President.

She is also part of the same system in which her Dad ‘the one she thinks is the best to be the President’ could not win and in turn she is working for someone who is being called by opposition as a sexist. May be she thinks that too, but she also has a choice she can make and she made the choice she thinks is the right.

Now once you have a president there will also be roles in the machinery that needs to run, her role is one such. No one asks the Gardner in white house on a tweet the president did. He or she can remain silent and water the plants. It all boils down to the Role. And to be in that role in current situation takes Guts. What should she exactly do in that job can be debated based on how you look at the large scheme of things. nevertheless the role is tough and anyone in that role today should get some credit.

Thinking that the person sitting in a superior role defines the person sitting in the subordinate role is not right. I have no personal gain in making Sarah look all great. But I think it is important when a person is taken and mocked all over for her role.

I don’t agree with her politics or her Boss’s politics or her Dad’s politics. But I don’t think the role and politics defines every bit of her or any person.. We are so complex…

A human being is a very complex entity and it is not easy to understand it in a rational way under all socio-political-economical frames of references. I think that is also why religion and a personal God concept prevails. God and religion makes life so simple for many, at least within their frames. You break out of it and try to rationally look at everything happening around you, it gets very tough and not many people can do it sensibly.

To tell you the complexity of human beings, in an interview the Nobel Prize winning author of ‘Thinking Fast Thinking Slow’ Daniel Kahneman tells a story when he was 7 years old and it was curfew time for jews and as it was cold he had worn his sweater inside out. A German SS officer walks to him and picks him and hugs him. He then shows him a picture of a kid and also gives him some money. Daniel says, at that time the SS officer was just a dad.. If killers who have done so much atrocities can be so complex to be a loving father at a time.

How can we say that a person who takes up a role completely loses her ability to be right anymore….. We live in a very complex world and I personally lived a few years just in finding fault and I know I am extremely good at it and also defend it very well. But I think that does not mean a thing. Yes we need to question, but we need to painfully traverse this world in a rational way and that is tough. All what I write is my attempt for it.

I know it is long, but I wanted to share it with you all. And just to add I once saw an image (photoshopped) of Trump and his son walking and son wore a T-shirt that read ‘I am with stupid’ and it had a pointed finger. That picture broke my heart. Because I know life is complex and all jokes don’t Gel in such complexities. We all connect with people, if not the person with the role…

The father in Trump is the father in me and the son there could be me…. I know many might not agree with this long rant… And that it is not being sensible… but be assured that it is just me being me…. 🙂

What I need is an ability to see all sides of something than solidify my own line of thinking.