When Rishi Sunak becomes the British Prime Minister.

First of all this post is not about what he is going to do and this post will not even matter to any UK folks reading this. This post is for those Indian Citizens like me in India and abroad who have nothing to do with Rishi being the Prime Minister but a good number of us have been creating all the noise since this possibility started revealing itself and became a confirmed eventuality.

Who is Rishi and why are Indians jumping up and down. I am an Indian citizen living abroad for over 20 years and I am asking myself why this is such a big thing for some of my fellow citizens. The answer I have is it is no big thing, people have nothing else to jump up on and so they do so with this news.

Interestingly the loudest ones highlighting Rishi’s Indianness are from the Bhakt corner of Indian politics. You won’t believe people use terms like now UK will follow the Sanskrit route, We are Vishvaguru and so on The saffron bandwagon has gone bonkers. They are even highlighting that Rishi is a Hindu. How lame and irrelevant is that to the British citizen and UK as a nation or to the world we live in. Why should the religion of anyone be important in politics ?

But who is Rishi? And what is this Indianness people are talking about? Seems he was born in the UK, his Dad  is from Kenya and Mom from Tanzania and his Grandpa was from the land before partition, that place is now in Pakistan. His Grandma is from Delhi. So even Pakistan can claim him. May be if he was a muslim then Pakistan would have claimed the same. After all it is not the origin and just the damn beliefs for many people.

Another laughable thing is people claiming that this is history in reverse gear. This is so laughable because the Hindutva brigade in India have been taking the country in reverse gear by infusing mythological hocus pocus into everything around us. They have been driving the thought in the reverse gear and they won’t acknowledge it.

If you tell them that they are taking things in reverse gear, they will tell we are not in reverse gear but the entire world is in forward gear. 😜

Another Indian connection for Rishi Sunak is that he is married to the daughter of Indian businessman Narayana Moorthy. Some buffoons are now calling him India’s Son in law. The same buffoons did not feel the same for a daughter in law of India Sonia Gandhi. Hypocrisy at the peak as always.

Good thing if we only had a Father of Nation and now we also have a Father in Law of the Nation. How delightful.

I think we can say India will be in forward gear when a foreigner of any origin marries someone in India and instead of going outside India and settling they migrate to India. That is real forward gear.

The reason I write this is there are so many people who don’t believe in their abilities and don’t take pride on their own achievement and show the vanity by finding stupid connections with people who are in power. And these are the same people who get used and thrown by those in power. Hope they realize, wake up and understand what their vanity will cost them.

Now is Rishi Sunak becoming the PM relevant. Yes it is. And that is not because he has Indian Origin or his religion. It is relevant because he is a minority and born to immigrants. That is how democracy should be. In fact Rishi Sunak becoming the UK PM is the antithesis of what the Hindutva brigade in India has been trying to do. So Rishi Sunak’s Prime ministership is in fact a slap on the face of the Hindutva Brigade in India and not a handshake for their Vishwaguru persona.

Why is a minority being elected to a top position important? Because that paves the way for more equity in the society and the process becomes more equitable. Again if the minority is a privileged minority like Rishi, we still have a long way to go. But it is a start. Simple fact is we Indians have nothing to jump about this… period!!!

Another interesting thing is that when Sadiq Khan became the Mayor of London there were people who hailed it because he was a Muslim and I have even seen comments saying it is the victory of Islam. This thinking is no different from the Hindutva Brigade. They don’t see the democratic process or progressive outlook or equality, but just their narrow mindset. There is a long way for these two groups to understand what democracy is and how we should live in a modern society

The only people for whom this now matters is the UK people and rest of us irrespective or origin and nationality it is just another Social Media circus. Even for me writing this.

I am often amazed when the hindutva brigade and other bigots across the world make their own claims of universality but in in their own turf they hold clear majority driven nationalistic agenda that feeds on the othering of the Minorities. but that is the world we live in.

We see it in India, We see it in United States, we see it in many countries in Middle East. The othering menace coupled with the dance of modern tribalism of nationality and religion and cultishness.

Someone was asking if Rishi will give us the Kohinoor back that the brits stole from us. I would say keep the Kohinoor, but give us the three goons Vijay Mallaya and Nirav Modi who have stolen from the banks and Indian people.

My wishes to Rishi Sunak and hope he is able to take up the steep challenges that UK faces and guide the nation out of it is current situation. All the best !!!!

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