Agile Poetry – Poetry for agile teams

Agile Poetry is a unique and creative way to engage teams like never before. At PenPositive we believe everyone can express creatively, and it just needs a start. A Poetry Workshop is not just about writing, it is also about reading, about living and expressing a poem. A one of its kind experience for your team to creatively collaborate and bind. A journey through reading, writing and expressing a poem.

“No! I Can’t” is what we get to hear many times when we talk about Poetry. Well that is why it is important to try and write it. Especially for agile teams who always have to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

None of the things you do now are things you knew before you learned it or at least try to learn it. Poetry should be no different.

I was not a big fan of poetry as I grew up. In fact I never knew that I would write. I started listening to recitals and spoken word before I had the courage to start writing. No one said I could and so I want to make sure I tell everyone that they can. If I can, then they can.

Poetry helps us understand abstractness. It teaches us that there are more than one way to say things. And that their is a beauty in the way words lay and also in the meaning hidden inside them

It is not just about writing. One would think poetry is just about writing, but it is not. Poetry is about expressing it, giving a life that make people close their eyes and listen. Take them to places they have never been to.

Read it out Loud. When you read a poetry aloud; yours or others the world around you changes magically. It might not sound logical, but just pick a poem and read to someone you love. Or just sit in a room and read it like you mean it. When you read poems out loud, they also start responding back to you. The words talk back inside you. Some linger on in you and make you think. It is a way you connect with the author. If the author is you, it is a way to connect with yourself.

As unique individuals we all understand in a different way. When it comes to life or work we often stand our ground often inflexible to negotiate. But with poetry, we are interested in knowing the other person’s perspective

In the corporate world we all sit in rooms, cubicles and even open spaces to find solutions to problems that make the engines move in the world. What will happen, when we sit in a room and read and write and express Poetry?

Poetry can make us agile, Agile Poetry is what you should try…

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