agileteen – The Art of agile writing for teens

This is an online workshop I conceived and intends to address three areas of development among teenagers as they look ahead into their future, education, career and aspirations

  1. Agile principles teach you how to prioritize, remove impediments, stay focused, move quickly and create value
  2. Writing is not given the same priority as reading though it is the most used skill at work and college.
  3. Use your research based writing to understand more about the opportunities ahead of you
  4. Build a family program of words that brings family closer

The natural progression of a teenager (in most cases) is to finish high school and get into a college for an additional education that can equip them to start their career. But this is also one of the most important periods of their life that shape their understanding of the world and what they want to do with/in their life.

As a Parent how do you help your TEEN in using this most important time of their life to the fullest?

Parents often insist kids to read at home daily but when it comes to writing, it is not always insisted. Even when we know that the ability to write well is one of the most important (often coveted) skill they will need in their college and career.

Through projects, writing prompts, webinars, group and individual sessions online we can instill the love for writing. Not just your teen but you can all participate as a family

Contact me for a free consulting session for your Family.

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