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A Technical Manager with over 20 years in the High Tech industry with a passion for words. A practicing Agile Scrum Master and Coach with over the years working in the corporate world globally. Over the years he has delivered solutions, managed engagements, built teams and mentored professionals from the code level to the board level.

As a Poet, Blogger, Podcaster and independent film maker he has made sure to not left any stone unturned in the effort to try out every single passion of his. And he wants the same for others.

Founder or PenPositive a concept he conceived to approach life and work with the aim to prepare individuals to excel both in their Passion and their Profession.

As a Poet and blogger in English and Malayalam (മലയാളം - the language of Kerala, India). Hailing from Kozhikode (കോഴിക്കോട്) or Calicut. Also a Video Podcaster under the alias Ballatha Pahayan (ബല്ലാത്ത പഹയൻ) on YouTube.

  • Contribute More than you Work

    Some time in early Nineties I had read that Money is the worst Motivator, yet businesses all over have been providing monetary incentives to their employees to get work done. Personally I have found money to be an important factor… Read More ›

  • My Battle

    i wish good to me and my rival victory be mine my hands withdraw the breath silenced for ever world is free the seasons change fresh enemies emerge from nowhere victory still mine my sword tainted evil bleeding and awaiting… Read More ›

  • Wind

    She was wild the windows broke open the candles snuffed

  • Salvation

    The heat and cold now matter less, The heart that once felt the pain of the millions, Is now nothing but stale, cold and disconnected Unrecognizable even to the bearer Years of travel through deserts and snow mountains, Never giving… Read More ›

  • 13th Floor

    “The 13th floor? its bad luck” He frowned. “But we just need to make love” she said “I don’t care” He said “everything has to be auspicious”

  • The Fence

    The mango tree he planted as a kid was still there and bore fruits but the fence had been redefined and now it belonged to the neighbor

  • Resignation

    He was exhausted chasing others dreams, It’s time to start the pursuit of his own; He called it quits and emailed his resignation

  • The Burning

    Oh My God the Bag is burning, If only I had not packed my money in it Now there goes the Curtains, they are on Fire, If only I had bought some cheaper ones I can’t believe but the Room… Read More ›

  • My First Open Mic

    Yesterday for the first time I attended and performed at an open Mic hosted by the Fremont Writers Group. There was a good crowd of around 18 and some great performances of poetry and prose. Since this was my first… Read More ›

  • Time

    The Dampness in the Room had a tricky smell The color of the curtains still bore faint rays of the evening sun Time has stopped but the clock needles struggled to click The fireplace still active, engulfed the remaining pieces… Read More ›