InDriveView – The Interview On The Drive

InDriveView is a Project where I meet people who have stories to tell. I go on a drive and have a conversation with them about life, passion, work, family, world, people, interests and more. Capturing the Conversation as candid as possible.

Yes two people driving through the heart of the silicon valley and speaking and getting to know life better. InDriveView is the Interview On The Drive.

InDriveView is a Content Project that I undertake to let the world know of people who walk amidst us but have amazing stories to tell. It is also about the people who we might know, but never knew the multifaceted creative passionate personalities that reside in them.

It is also about you and me who all live unique lives making a space for our existence in this world. It is about everyone. It is about Life.

And here are a few

IndriveView with Dr. Ashish Satav: I heard about Dr. Ashish and the great work he and his wife Kavita were doing in Melghat, the hilly forest region in India inhabited mostly by tribal and is well known for infant mortality and Malnutrition related deaths. Moved by the pathetic condition of Melghat, Dr. Ashish started the NGO MAHAN (acronym for M-Meditation, A-AIDS, H-Health, A-De-Addiction, N-Nutrition) in 1997. MAHAN Trust is the only NGO in the Melghat region providing medical care and Health Services to the tribal communities living in that area. The commitment that the Doctor duo do in the area is amazing and I request you all to visit their website to learn more about the work they do.

Adhik Kadam: Adhik Kadam started his Journey at the age of 19 and for the past 18 years he has worked in the conflict area helping kids. For him it is a spiritual journey as he mentions. He says his work is to bring more peace messengers to the society who will in turn continue the effort of peace in the society while being teachers, mothers and responsible model citizens. He runs four homes that house around 150 girls some of them who started 15 years back are now married and have their own family or are doing higher education in colleges. He does not think this is a short term effort and in his opinion the work would need to be continued for decades to reverse what has happened in the past. Currently they rent these houses and are looking to how they can build own permanent structures to house the kids and that way be able to help more than the current 150 kids. he conversation is in a mix of English and Hindi

Rajiv Nema: This First episode has Rajiv Nema Indori as the guest, Rajiv is a Hitech Marketing Guy, Theatre Artist and Standup (Sitdown in his words) performer with his popular Indori Brand. The recording was for 2 Hours and we kind of scaled it to around 35 minutes.

If you know of someone who you think you would like to see on InDriveView do Contact Me.

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