Write your Memoir; Be Your Own Memoirist

We all hold stories from our life that we want to tell but not many of us embark on writing them. PenPositive’s Idea of Memoir Publish is to help people in writing and publishing their Memoir. We believe that everyone in this world has a story from their life that the world needs to know and has the power to change.

‘Memoir’ comes from the French Language meaning memory or reminiscence. While Memoir have historically been defined as a subcategory of biography or autobiography since the late 20th century, the genre is differentiated in form, presenting a narrowed focus. A biography or autobiography tells the story “of a life”, while a Memoir often tells “a story from a life”,

At Penpositive we help people to be their own Memoirist And a Memoirist is Someone who authors a Memoir. But we believe you can tell your story better that anyone else.

We all have a story. If not a complete autobiography; we have a story, a piece from our life that is worth telling and something people should know.

Some of the most inspiring stories are from the lives of people whose biography is never written. And for all of us it is important to sometime sit and write about our own life.

Go back in time and etch out elements of life and bring it to life through words. It is an extremely fulfilling experience

If anyone told you that you cannot write a Memoir listen to what Mitch Albom said. Mitch Albom is the Author of one of the top selling Memoir of all times “Tuesday’s with Morrie” He said

“I had a very high-grade publisher tell me I was incapable of writing a memoir.”

Don’t let what people tell you stop you

If someone says that your story is not worth telling then it is because they don’t know you enough. Just your life lived is reason enough that your story is worth telling.

Go on and tell your story Today!!!

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