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Living and Working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work in the Tech industry and have a passion for content creation. As practicing Agile Scrum Master and Coach I work with teams and individuals coaching them in the Agile Scrum Framework.

As a Poet, Blogger, Podcaster and video maker I try to not leave any stone unturned in the effort to try out every single passion of mine. And I want the same for others.

I am also the Founder of PenPositive a concept conceived to approach life and work with the aim to prepare individuals to excel both in their Passion and their Profession.

  • Silent Conversations

    It always has been my fascination to silently observe people who talk to me. Many times they stop their conversation and ask “Hey, are you still here” thinking I have been lost in my thoughts How incapable of them to… Read More ›

  • Droplets of life

    These droplets of life are born every moment They give us memories for long to cherish Moments that go on to become a life’s event A unique opportunity to start over and accomplish, These droplets keep falling, till there is… Read More ›